Social Media Platforms: Picking One For Your Business

If you own a business, social media platforms can be a valuable tool. 

But what benefits do you actually get from them…and which one should you use?

These are the two questions we’re covering in Lugh Studio’s latest post.

Why Social Media Platforms Are Great For Your Business

There are over 3 billion monthly active users on social media platforms. We covered why this is so important in our post about social media marketing.

Here are three more specific benefits:

1) Engage with users.

Using social media makes it easy to provide value to your audience. This could be anything from sharing your latest helpful blog post to distributing other peoples’ content.

2) Improve your SEO rankings.

There is a correlation between your success on social media and your success with search engines. This makes it easier for new customers to find you! 

3) Perform research on what your audience likes.

This is especially useful for coming up with content ideas. Just make sure you know how to read social media analytics first!

How To Pick One

This is really a question that only you can answer for your own business. That said, here are some important questions to ask yourself before you pick a social media platform:

1) Are you a B2B or B2C business? 

B2B businesses typically find success on a more “professional” platform like LinkedIn. B2C businesses, however, often utilize Facebook or Instagram. 

2) What are your main goals in social media marketing?

Do you want to sell your products and services directly? Are you trying to build brand awareness? Depending on your goals, different social media platforms will either help you or distract you.

3) Who is your ideal customer?

This would be a useful stage to develop avatars. Only then do you get a good idea of who exactly you’re marketing to and which platform would be the best choice for you.

From social media platforms as old as Facebook to new ones like TikTok, all platforms have something to offer. It’s up to you to ask yourself the right questions before picking one.

Check out this guide for more information…and good luck!

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