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Clients think of us as their visual storytellers.

We make your unique value proposition come to life so that your customers and prospects ‘get it’ in an instant.
We are a creative design studio with 25+ years experience, helping clients improve their marketing and grow their businesses. We specialize in serving the creative, technical and marketing needs of Small Businesses, Publishers, Professional Services, STEM, Tech Startups, Nonprofits and Real Estate.

Our expertise spans across the key channels you need to reach your target audiences, from direct marketing to advertising, websites, emails and social media. We customize our solutions to meet your unique needs and adapt our approach to the way you like to work.

Social Media Expertise

We specialize in helping our clients engage their social media audiences through integrated marketing campaigns, sharable stories, creative and interactive content.


We work with businesses and brands of all sizes to create long-term social media plans that embody their brand identity and capture their target audiences attention.


We are a well-rounded design studio, providing consulting and content-creation services to clients around the world. Not only do we help design your message, we add value to it! Clients comes to us to help them craft compelling, brand building and sharable stories. Leveraging 25+ years of design, we create and publish interactive, sharable content.


Creating and implementing a social media strategy takes time and attention. We help you build a community of followers by tracking the results of your campaigns as well as feeding the winning topics and channels.

Integrated Social Media Marketing

Social Media Audit

If you’ve already been using social media, we recommend taking a look at your efforts so far and asking yourself:

  • What’s working, and what’s not?
  • Who is engaging with you?
  • Which networks does your target audience use?
  • How does your social media presence compare to the competition?
  • Where do you need to optimize your accounts and what are your top performing social media platforms?
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Campaign Planning

Once you’ve had a chance to review your efforts so far, you’ll be ready to start thinking about ways to improve. We’ll then work with you to refine and/ or create an integrated social media marketing campaign that aligns with your company’s overall business goals.

The plan should highlight priorities and how social media fits within your other marketing channels. This includes:

  • Defining your target audience
  • Setting measurable results
  • Defining a creative direction
  • Developing content themes and schedule
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Content Creation & Posting

The type of content you post will likely vary based on the social media networks you’re using. We’ll work with you to create content that resonates with your target audience, aligns with the social media platform you’re using and address the needs and values of your users so that you can build relationships and grow your following.

This includes:

  • Messaging — crafting well-targeted messaging that can be shared across multiple social channels
  • Topic Development — defining themes that can be ‘evergreen’ as well as timely topics, which are relevant, engaging, and informative
  • Posting Strategy & Calendar — outlining a fairly regularly posting schedule so that your account appears active and gives followers opportunities to engage with your content
  • Creating & Posting — producing high-quality, interactive, animated and engaging content, including blog posts, infographics, animations, videos, and social media banners
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Management & Optimization

Once your social media campaign is up and running, it’s essential to review performance so you can determine what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll help you identify and ‘feed the winners’ by making changes and tweaking your social media campaigns and creative.

Tracking metrics will be determined by your overall business goals, social media platforms and management tools.

Metrics to keep in mind:

  • Reach
  • Clicks
  • Engagement Hashtag performance
  • Views, shares, likes, etc.
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Work Examples

Lúgh Studio augments One World Trade Center’s social media channels by strategizing and
planning content every month. We also enhance posts with animation & motion graphics.

Lúgh Studio creates social media posts for The Durst Organization’s commercial
properties which includes tenant achievements, tenant welcome materials, and
animated availability posts.

PBM, a premier professional cleaning company, needed help reaching their target audience
on social media and gaining meaningful engagement. With animated posts & planned content,
we were able to take their connection to the next level on multiple social platforms and
effectively drive traffic to their website.

Lúgh Studio helped create the branding, fact sheet, and social media roll out for JB&B’s
Benchmark 8760, an initiative to explore how hourly data can improve building benchmarking
for an affordable, low-carbon future.

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