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Lúgh Studio’s design solutions turn your site visitors into committed digital donors.

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Improve donor experience

Design needs to serve a purpose—what do you want your site to do? And for whom? Those answers drive everything we do.

The Partnership to End Homelessness

Complete site rebuild with donor asks throughout.

Immediately saw x3 increase in revenue.

International Community Foundation

Redesigned donation page from the ground up for 128 nonprofits.

Anticipated x2 increase in revenue.

Foundation of Northern New Jersey

Complete site rebuild with donor asks throughout.

Anticipated x2 increase in revenue.

“The decision to work with Lúgh studio to redesign The Partnership’s website was easy. Having worked with Lúgh in the past to manage my previous organization’s rebrand, I knew I would be getting a true partner.”

Áine Duggan, President & CEO
The Partnership to End Homelessness

Áine Duggan, President & CEO The Partnership for the Homeless

The Challenge

For every 100 visitors to the average nonprofit website

7 click "donate"

Only 1 completes
the donation.

Our Solution

Increase the 100

We design responsive websites, optimized for SEO that not only look great on every screen size—but clearly relays your mission and its impact. This means that visitors are more inclined to support your cause.

Increase the 7

We leverage Fundraise Up's UI elements by strategically placing them throughout your site—not just your navigation. We support your messaging with effective design to drive more visitors to start the donation process.

Increase the 1

Donating is an emotional act. We keep the emotion going throughout the donation process with emotional cues while removing friction and giving many payment options.


Up to 85% of potential donors don’t donate. Are you losing potential revenue from digital donors because of an outdated donor experience?


Entice Website Visitors to donate.

Donate button stands out?
Fundraising elements (other than buttons)?
Embedded on-domain experience (no redirect)?
Mobile Optimized?

Get donors to finish the donation process

Multi-screen checkout form
Monthly vs. one-time suggested amounts
Apple Pay/Google Pay/Amazon Pay

Get donors to give more

International currencies
Highlight cover fees option
Promote recurring giving

Actionable data

Machine learning
A/B tests
Integrations with: Google Analytics/Facebook Ads/Adobe Marketing
Advanced form metrics (views, iterations, bounces)

Could do better. We can help!


Your donation process is OK. Most donation processes fall into this range. You could increase your donations up to 2X by adding impact to the ‘Ask’ and streamlining the donation process!

Not happy with your score?

Lúgh Studio & Fundraise Up can review and A/B test your process and donation ask to determine how we can increase your online donations.

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Increase your donations

Powered by , here's how you can turn your site visitors into digital donors with Lúgh Studio.

Why should you use it?

The short answer

—It’s best in Class

The longer answer

Apple became the richest company in history by understanding the importance of tech AND design working together. There simply isn’t a better solution currently on the market for online giving so we made sure we became experts in Fundraise Up’s tech and brought it to our clients.


Whether it’s a total website redesign or creation of a high-impact landing page, we can help you more than double your online revenue.

Build for the future

Designed around your long term goals, our technical platform and creative capabilities support your site so it supports your growth.

Aligning Goals

Our mission is to uncover the true pain-points that need to be addressed and message you are trying to communicate. This informs and focuses the whole process.

Strategic Design

We design through a structured and thoughtful process to effectively communicate your message for optimal return on donations.

Brand Messaging

What you are saying is just as important as how it is displayed. We refine and craft brand messaging to authentically represent your mission and impact.

Responsive Build

It’s important to provide a site that is optimized for multiple screen sizes to allow your visitors to easily make a donation on any device, be it a laptop or mobile.

Migrate Content

A new site doesnt always mean starting from scratch. We can migrate and incorporate existing content into a new design so your donors don’t miss a thing.

Fundraise Up Certified

We are completely fluent in use of Fundraise Up’s donation technology and the first design team to be certified.

No Vendor Lock

You retain complete ownership of your account logins, site files and database.

Web Best Practices

We take the design and development of our website seriously, building on years of experience and staying compliant on the latest technology, trends and SEO.

Wordpress Platform

This industry leading CMS allows for the addition of unparalleled functionality and customization to your website.

Test Environments

For the assurance of the quality of your live site, new site additions are built and reviewed within private and secure test environments.

Secure with SSL

By having an SSL certification, your website’s URL will display as “secured”, to provide peace of mind to your donors.

Website Hosting

Available as part of every ongoing support plan, we over the best in class and affordable managed WordPress hosting.


When it is time to go live, we take care of all the details, so you can sit back and relax as the donations start coming in.

Site Maintenance

Monitoring and regularly checking your website for technical issues and updates to keep it running smoothly.

Monthly Support

Let your website grow in line with your vision by sustaining your site with regular check-ups, techincal updates and additional features.

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