Social Media Marketing: Why You Should Be Doing It

Social media marketing isn’t just a fad – it’s here to stay.

While it can be intimidating for businesses that don’t have a plan, it doesn’t have to be.

Today we’ll tell you why social media marketing is important and how to do it most effectively.

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Important

Simply put, social media is where the attention is.

Over 70 percent of American adults are active daily on some form of social media.

That’s a lot of potential for local business.

Potential to drive traffic to your website, increase the number of monthly customers, and just about any other metric you might track.

So how do you do it?

There are two main marketing strategies you should know.

Organic Strategies

The first one is “organic.”

This basically just means free.

Organic social media marketing can be anything from photos on Instagram, to links for your website’s blog posts, to funny memes that make your audience laugh.

The possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, “organic visibility” has progressively decreased over the years.

Sites like Facebook now give more preference to ads.

What that means is that while your organic posts on social media might be great, less people are seeing them.

Which brings me to the second way of leveraging social media…

Paid Strategies

If you have the budget, paid advertising can be a great strategy for your business.

And here’s why it’s so effective: big data.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have so much data on users that business owners are able to make extremely targeted ads.

This makes paid ads for your products and services (if done correctly) that much more effective.

Great marketing indeed!

Give Social Media Marketing a Try

At the very least, make a Facebook Business Page for your business.

That’s the absolute minimum.

Once you do, experiment with which strategies (and which platforms) work best for your goals.

You’ll be glad you did!

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