Coming Up With New Content Ideas: 5 Tips

If you are doing content marketing (as you should), you’ve likely said this to yourself at some point: I’m out of ideas!

This can bring feelings of panic, frustration, and disappointment.

Especially when you consider that many experts say one new piece of new content per week is the minimum!

Not to worry; we’ve got your back.

Today we’re covering our five main tips for coming up with new content ideas.

Let’s get started.

Five Ways To Come Up With New Content Ideas

1) Do competitor research.

While nobody likes to spend time on their competitors’ blogs, it can actually be a treasure trove of insight.

Check out what is working for them (and what isn’t). This is sure to give you ideas for your own content strategy.

2) Switch up your format.

Write a blog post every week? Try making a video.

Have a Youtube channel? Try writing one “Ultimate Guide.”

Step out of yuor comfort zone in your content creation, and you might actually surprise yourself.

3) Combine two unrelated things.

Ideas for new content come from creativity.

And what’s more creative than making a combination nobody has ever seen before?

4) Carry a notepad.

You never know when inspiration is going to hit, or where it’s going to come from.

Might as well be ready to record new ideas!

5) Interview your audience.

If all else fails, just ask the people what they want!

This guarantees that you are making content people actually care about.

Plus, you’re almost guaranteed to learn something new about what strikes a cord with people.

Time For Your Own Ideas!

We hope this gives you some ideas for your own content plan.

Like we said, content marketing is essential.

If you always have something new to release, your audience will keep coming back for more!

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