What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

This is basically the process of increasing the quantity of “organic traffic” (non-paid, and usually Google) to your website. 

You can see why SEO would be important. Do it right, and you drive traffic to your website (and then customers).

Do it wrong, and making money is a whole lot harder. 

How To Do SEO

There are various tactics that you can employ in your SEO strategy.

That said, the following four strategies are the most important, and the fundamentals to any good SEO strategy.

1) Make consistent content (usually in the form of written blog posts) that is useful to your readers.

Don’t just be “good enough,” but try to write the best page on that topic possible.

2) Start any piece of content creation with keyword research.

Keyword research is the act of looking up different search terms (using tools like Google’s Keyword Research Planner) to see if there is demand for that information. 

This ensures that you are writing about a topic that people actually care about!

3) Optimize blog posts.

Use your keyword / keyphrase in your title, in at least one heading, and throughout the article itself.

Also make sure your content is both easy to read and fast on mobile. 

4) Build authority through “link building.”

Links back to your website’s content are a sign of “authority.”

The more links you get from other sources, the higher authority Google gives your website, and the higher your ranking on search engine results.

SEO Is Worth It!

SEO efforts take time, but if you devote time each week to the four strategies above, it’s well worth it.

In future posts, we will be giving you more information about these four tactics.

In the meantime, check out our previous post about SEO and why you should do it.

Now go out there and make some SEO-optimized content!

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