Times Square Billboard Platform: Your 15 Seconds of Fame

Times Square Billboard Platform: Your 15 Seconds of Fame

Times Square Billboard

In New York City’s Times Square, a company called Welcome to Times Square is revolutionizing brand exposure. In collaboration with Lúgh Studio, they have launched a mobile-ready website that allows visitors and advertisers to showcase themselves or their brand on the iconic Times Square billboards.

User-Friendly Platform

Lúgh Studio developed a website that streamlines purchasing ad placements and enables third-party partners, such as tourism and travel agencies, to integrate this service into their marketing strategies. The front-end website features a clean and intuitive design, ensuring effortless navigation for users whereas the backend equips the Welcome to Times Square team with the ability to schedule bookings, automate email communications, manage transactions, and monitor the commission rates of affiliates.

Innovative Video Integration

One of the standout features is the integration of video uploads. Users can upload their videos, which are automatically trimmed to 15 seconds and optimized for display on the Times Square billboards. By seamlessly incorporating video content, brands and influencers can engage audiences ensuring their message stands out amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Times Square.

Experience the power of innovative digital advertising and take your brand exposure to new heights.

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