How To Get More Email Subscribers: Part 2

Growing an email list is important for your organization, no matter if it’s a nonprofit or a private company. That’s why we shared ten ways to get more email subscribers.

Today, we are continuing with Part 2. Below you’ll find ten more ways to grow your email list, as well as advice on how to implement each one

How To Get More Subscribers: 11-20

11) Collaborate with Influencers

Partnering with influencers can help you reach new audiences and get more email subscribers. The trick is partnering with the right ones. To get started, identify influencers that work in your same industry and present the most important details. What kind of promotion do you have in mind? This could be anything from sponsored posts to social media shoutout(consider using Instagram for your business). What would be required on their end? 

Most importantly, what do they stand to gain by partnering with you? By choosing influencers that align with your brand, you can use their audience to grow your own in a way that benefits you both.

12) Run a Webinar

Hosting a webinar on a topic related to your business can offer value to potential subscribers. This not only gives them something they can use, but is a good way to grow your email list, as well. How? Well, it’s quite common to require attendees to sign up with their email address to attend the webinar. This is just one common best practice of running a virtual event.

Make sure that you choose a topic that is relevant to your audience and provide valuable information during the webinar. Afterwards, you will need to follow up with attendees via email and offer additional resources or information related to the webinar topic. This is a place where effective email automations can really help you out. 

13) Use Content Upgrades

It’s true: nobody likes it when they have to give their email address in order to access exclusive content. Still, done right, this can be an excellent strategy in getting more email subscribers. That’s why it’s important that you do it right.

Here are just two things to keep in mind:

  • Make your free content high quality. Good content marketing will bring people to your site and position yourself as a high authority source of information worth listening to.
  • Naturally transition between your free content and the content people have to sign up for. For example, maybe you put a freely accessible blog post on link building on your site. You could then dive deeper into each tactic in a video that they had to sign up for. This is a great and natural transition.

Execute on these two points and content upgrades can be a valuable part of your list building efforts.

14) Create a Quiz

Quizzes are a great lead magnet. Not only are they fun, but they differentiate you from a lot of your competition in the way that you engage with your audience. They also allow you to give your site visitor a more customized experience, as most people’s quiz results will be slightly different. 

So what’s the trick? It’s important that you create a quiz that aligns with your business and actually gives your audience information of value. This requires a quiz that is both engaging and relevant to your audience. As for how you actually make one and add it to your site? Check out these handy tools that make the process easy.

15) Attend Events

While we often associate building an email list with your digital efforts, in-person events can also be worth your time. That’s because events in your industry are a great opportunity to network and make connections. This can naturally lead to more interest in your business or organization, a fundamental stepping stone to more email subscribers. 

The golden rule? Make sure to have a way to collect email addresses, such as a sign-up sheet or iPad. Like always, be sure to follow up with attendees after the event and offer additional information or resources.

16) Host a Podcast

Podcasts are more popular than they’ve ever been. They are a great way to provide value to your audience, and like all content marketing, can showcase your expertise. Of course, you need to be sure you are actually creating a podcast that’s not only useful, but enjoyable to listen to. Keep in mind podcast best practices when getting started.

To use the platform for more subscribers, you can include a call-to-action in each episode that directs listeners to your email list. Be sure to incentivize signing up. Maybe, for example, you give listeners who sign up through your podcast a free piece of content that nobody else has access to.

17) Use Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups trigger when a user is about to leave your website. They can be useful because they act as a “last resort” to get valuable contact information from site visitors. They have also been shown to be more effective than popups that display too soon.

Like most of these tactics, it’s important that you give people a reason to sign up to your list. This can be a discount code for one of your products or any kind of free resource they would find valuable. As for the effectiveness of the popup itself? Make sure it’s visually appealing and obvious enough for your site visitors to act on it if they choose to.

18) Offer a Free Trial

For all the talk of free content acting as a great lead magnet, free trials are often even more effective. That’s because they give your audience members something immediately actionable: access to your product or service. 

Of course, how you go about the free trial will make all the difference. If you have several products, for example, make sure that the trial you offer is directly relevant to the user. You also want to make sure the time frame is in the sweet spot. Too short and not enough people will opt in. Too long and you don’t effectively implement urgency to your advantage.

19) Use YouTube

While not great for converting your audience to paying customers (leave that to your email marketing), third party platforms can be great for building your audience. They are a great place to put your content, educate new people, and (you guessed it) build your email list.

That’s where YouTube comes in. People are consuming more and more videos – why not use it to your advantage?  Include a call-to-action in your videos that directs viewers to subscribe to your email list. And, like always, make both your free content and what you offer in return for their email valuable and relevant.

20) Host a Twitter Chat

We will finish this post with one more platform–specific recommendation: Twitter. Hosting a Twitter chat on a topic related to your business is a great way to generate interest around your organization. Assuming the information you provide is valuable enough, it can also be a great way to grow your email list.

Like anything, reduce as much friction as possible. If people want to sign up to your email list directly from Twitter, it should be as quick and easy as possible.

By implementing these 10 in-depth tips, you can effectively grow your email list and reach more potential customers. Regardless of the tactics you implement, always provide value to your audience and offer incentives that are relevant. Keep this in mind  and a larger (and more profitable) email list is yours for the taking!

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