5 Tips To Successfully Use Instagram For Your Business

Want to use Instagram to grow your business?

You’ve come to the right place. Today we’re sharing five main tips for leveraging Instagram to market your business and win more customers.

Five Tips For Instagram

1) Optimize your account in the right way.

Before you even think about posting content, it’s important that you have your profile set up correctly.

So what does that look like?

A great profile picture is first; a killer description is second. Get these two things right and more people (and future customers) will gravitate towards your content. 

2) Post regularly enough.

Now it’s time to think about your content schedule.

While it’s important that you post enough to stay fresh in your audience’s head, you can also go overboard. Check out this guide for more information on the sweet spot.

3) Use images and video.

It’s no longer enough just to post pictures to Instagram.

With video becoming an increasingly favored content format, you should also consider video. Done right, video builds customer relationships faster than any other content form.

So give it a shot – whether it’s giving your audience advice directly or showcasing new products.

4) Use popular hashtags in your industry.

People laugh about hashtags…but they work.

Hashtags give your content the chance to be seen by more people. This is huge when building an audience. 

Check out this guide to hashtags for more information.

5) Build relationships with important figures in your industry.

Our last tip is all about networking.

Just as good SEO considers backlinks, good Instagram marketing considers influencers. This could be anything from sending other businesses direct messages to connecting with others via Instagram groups.

The most important thing to remember?

The more helpful you are to others, the more using Instagram will pay off.

Use Instagram, Grow Your Business

At the end of the day, you want to be where your audience is.

And that means that part of your marketing efforts should focus on Instagram. Follow these fives tips, and you’re setting up your business for success.

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