How Do You Get More Traffic To Your Website?

Everybody wants to drive more traffic to their website. But with so many options, what are some tried and true tactics for making it happen?

Today we share five of the most consistently effective strategies you can start implementing right away. 

Five Strategies For More Online Traffic

1) SEO

Yes, I know: quite vague. But SEO truly is your best bet for driving consistent and long term traffic to your website.

Does it take time? Yes.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Check out this guide for some SEO tips.

2) Paid Advertising

Whereas SEO is more sustainable, paid advertising is more immediate. Depending on your industry, this usually takes the form of either Facebook ads or Google ads. Paid advertising can work on any platform, however.

Of course, this tactic is only possible if you have the budget for it.

3) Collaborating With Other Brands

You don’t need to have a huge audience of your own to get good traffic to your website. It’s often enough to use the audience of others. 

This will usually entail some kind of guest posting, although you are only limited by your creativity. Cold emailing can work wonders here when done right.

4) Social media marketing

You need to be where your audience is. Likely, regardless of your industry, social media is where that happens to be.

You should especially consider the power of social media groups. Assuming you are helpful and follow the administrators’ guidelines, your activity in social media groups can drive sizeable traffic to your website.

5) Repurpose content

Our last technique for scoring more traffic is all about reusing what you’ve already done.

Likely you have a sizeable amount of content that is responsible for a good portion of your traffic already. Simply repurpose it and you’ve given it new life.

Check out our our post on repurposing content for more information on this tactic.

More Traffic Is Essential To Your Success

You want targeted visitors to your website, of course. But one of the best ways to make that happen is to increase your numbers.

Check out our ultimate guide to lead generation to find out what you do once you increase your traffic.

Until then, good luck!

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