How To Repurpose Content:What You Need To Know

Odds are you make a lot of content at your business.

While that’s a valuable way to spend your resources, you probably aren’t taking full advantage of your content’s “shelf life.”

That’s what we’re covering today. Why repurposing content is so important, and three tips for doing it most effectively.

Why It’s a Good Idea To Repurpose Content.

Marketing is increasingly synonymous with content. (LINK)

It’s how you provide value to new visitors, create an audience, and build a solid foundation of customers.

We go over all of this in our Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing, so be sure to check it out!

That’s why it makes sense to repurpose your content: it gives all of your content a second (or third) chance.

A chance to grow your audience and prove how much value you can provide to them.

After all – content is far from dead once you’ve published it! (LINK)

How To Repurpose Content

1) Find your best pieces.

You first need to know which pieces of content are your most popular.

Which content has the highest number of views on Google Analytics? Which Facebook post received the most number of likes or positive comments? This is all information you have access to.

This has the added benefit of giving your audience exactly what they want.

2) Brainstorm a new look.

There are several ways to give your old piece of content a new look.

It could simply be reposting it with more visuals. Most common, however, is to change the format completely.

Maybe you turn a blog post into a video. Maybe you turn a checklist into an infographic.

Changing what your piece of content looks like is a great chance to not only reengage your audience, but allows you to provide value to them with a fresh new perspective.

3) Add something fresh or new.

This could be new information that has come out since you created the content.

It could be a new development in your industry that you think is worth sharing. 

What it is doesn’t matter. What’s important here is that you add value that wasn’t there the first go-round.

Repurposing content gives it a second life to make a difference to your bottom line.

Check out these case studies for inspiration!

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