Keyword Research: Why It’s Important And How to Succeed

Keyword research is the act of researching topics that your audience is searching for and creating content based off of those topics. 

It’s a fundamental part of any successful content strategy.

But why is it important, and how do you do it? 

Read our post to find out.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

If you are creating content that nobody is searching for, you aren’t going to generate any traffic to your site.

Doesn’t matter how good your content is!

And that’s what content is all about. Helping your audience solve their problems, generating traffic in the process and converting a certain amount of that traffic to customers.

That’s the main purpose of keyword research: to align your content strategy with what the people actually want.

How To Do Keyword Research

1) Use a keyword research tool.

This is the first step and the most important one.

Without the right tool that gives you the data you need, none of your efforts will amount to much. We recommend Google Keyword Planner

2) Make a list of topics that you could cover.

Your topics will vary widely, of course, depending on your business and industry. 

You should already have a good idea with buyer personas, however.

And if you don’t know where to start? Check out this guide!

3) Sort your topics by difficulty and traffic volume.

This step is so important because you can’t hope to rank content for any keyword you look up.

The fact is, most of them you probably won’t rank for.

This is all about your domain authority. 

Make sure you are targeting keywords that are in your general domain authority zone. This will give you the best shot at ending up on the first page of Google!

4) Start creating!

This is when you create pieces of content directly based on the research you have already done.

Check out our ultimate guide to content marketing for more advice on how to maximize your efforts.

And once you have created your content – don’t forget to promote it!

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