Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

It’s a valid question, and if you’re interested in paid advertising for your company, an essential one.

Both of these platforms reach billions of people – but which one is right for you?

That’s what we’re covering today: some background in whether Facebook ads or Google ads are right for you, and the major differences between them.

Why You Should Consider Paid Advertising

Ever heard of “pay to play?”

Well, that’s what the internet has become. 

Whereas it used to be relatively easy to win at SEO and make sales that way, the internet has become crowded. It’s hard to get your product in front of audiences organically.

Just look at the number of ads on Google when you search for something!

Another reason paid advertising might be worth the expense is the huge amount of data that both Facebook and Google have regarding your future customers. This makes it relatively easy to target the exact audience you are looking for. 

Are Facebook Ads or Google Ads Right For You?

While you know your business better than anybody, here is a guide to help you answer that question.

Facebook Ads are better for your business if:

  • You are in the B2C industry
  • The majority of your products are cheap
  • You sell information products
  • You rely on videos or images to get peoples’ attention
  • Most of your purchases are done via mobile devices

Google Ads, meanwhile, are better if:

  • You are in the B2B industry
  • The majority of your products are expensive or have a much longer purchasing cycle
  • You sell products with more decision makers
  • You sell things that are less “sexy” and don’t require images
  • Most of your purchases are done via desktop / computers 

Of course, just because you know which platform to use doesn’t guarantee success!

Check out our guide to Facebook ads as well as this resource on Google Ads.

Good luck with your paid advertising!

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