How To Run Facebook Ads

Knowing how to run Facebook ads can be a wonderful addition your marketing toolkit.

When done correctly, they can drive traffic to your website, produce more email leads, and win you more customers.

Today we are talking about why they are a good investment, practices to avoid with Facebook ads, and our best tips for succeeding.

Let’s get started!

Why Facebook Ads Can Be a Good Investment

Sadly, organic reach has increasingly decreased over time.

That means what you’re posting on your business page just isn’t enough anymore!

Facebook ads can also be “hyper targeted” (which we will talk about).

It’s never been easier to find the perfect people for your offer.

Before you start your first campaign, keep these two “main mistakes” in mind.

What People Do Wrong When They Run Facebook Ads.

1) Boosting their posts.

This is a mistake many business owners make.

Boosting a post basically just shows it to a random assortment of people on Facebook. Not people who have expressed an interest in your company.

It’s a waste of money. Don’t do it!

2) Not installing a Facebook pixel on their website.

The Facebook pixel is a little piece of code that allows you to show Facebook ads to people that have visited your website.

While this sounds complicated, it’s really not.

Installing it is quite easy, and allows you to send super targeted ads to people.

How To Run Facebook Ads the Right Way

1) Target your audience.

The massive amount of info Facebook has on us makes this easy.

Your targeting could be anything from “dog lovers in Alabama” to “single moms living in New York.”

You can see how effective your ads might be!

If you aren’t targetting specifically enough, you aren’t getting the results you want.

2) Split test everything.

The Facebook ads Business Manager makes A/B spit testing your headline, written text, and picture easy.

Do it for everything!

Learn How To Run Facebook Ads!

Now that you know things you should be doing (and things you should be avoiding), why not give Facebook ads a go?

Your business will be glad that you did. 🙂

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