Four Tips For Cold Email Outreach

Cold email outreach can be an essential part of lead generation.

When done right, it brings in new clients, grows your network, and makes your business more profitable.

Interested in trying it out? Here are Lugh Studio’s four main tips for doing it correctly.

How To Do Cold Email Outreach The Right Way 

1) Be organized.

Success in cold email requires a systematic approach. You should have a specific kind of client you are going after, a standardized “package” that you can offer, and a plan for how often you will follow up. 

In cold email outreach, organization equals success.

This rule doesn’t just apply to your overall strategy, though. It’s also essential in the content of the emails themselves.

Check out these templates for some ideas. 

2) Offer value above all else.

You don’t just want to pitch your services. Not only will your prospect not respond, but they will likely delete your email.

So how do you avoid this?

By providing value in each and every email you send. This could be anything from tips to improve their homepage to suggested edits to recent emails you’ve received from them.

The main point to keep in mind is that the value you provide should demonstrate your skills that you are trying to sell them on. So get creative, and make sure each email you send will somehow benefit the reader.

3) Personalize your emails.

Your target prospect probably gets plenty of cold emails. This is a game where it pays to stand out.

Personalizing your emails is one way to do that. And not just including their actual name, but some information about how you could help them specifically.

This makes your email appear more valuable. It also raises the odds that you get a response from them and start a conversation.

4) Expect failure.

Even assuming you have an organized plan-of-attack, provide valuable information in your emails, and personalize each one you send, you will still fail. And probably more often than you expect.

That’s because cold email outreach is a numbers game. 

So set yourself a specific weekly goal. Something like “send 10 cold emails by Friday.” This is the only way you will push through the inevitable failures along the way.

Cold Email – Give It A Try

Cold emails are a good tool to have in your lead generation toolbox.

Follow these four tips, and stick with it, and you’ll gradually start to build your list of new clients.
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