5 Tips For Engaging Email Campaigns

Engaging email campaigns have a huge ROI.

That’s why it’s so important to get them right.

Today we’re covering our five main tips for engaging email campaigns, as well as why they’re so important.

Our Five Tips

1) Set up a consistent email schedule.

Just like content marketing, consistency is key in email marketing. That’s because you want to get your email list in the habit of opening your emails.

2) Segment your list.

Segmenting might just be the most important tip for good email campaigns. This allows you to send emails only to the people that you think might find value in it, and shows that you treat each reader as an individual.

Very different from the “mass approach” most businesses take!

3) Send your emails at the right time.

You need to be strategic about the times that result in the highest open rates.

Of course, if you have readers all over the world, this can be difficult. Thankfully most ESP’s allow you to time your email to be sent to people at different times.

4) Set up autoresponders.

Autoresponders (also called “drip campaigns”) are automated, multiple-email campaigns that get sent on a specific schedule. They are usually “triggered” by certain behaviors.

A common example is a “welcome” autoresponder when people first sign up for your list. Check out this guide for more information.

5) Use storytelling in your email copy.

People respond well to stories. Regardless of the kind of emails that you’re sending, stories connect with your audience.

They’re also just fun to read! Give it a try – and check out these tips for how you can implement it.

Need more help with your email campaigns?

While a good email marketing strategy is essential, these are only five tips.

If you want to master email campaigns, be sure to check out our Lugh Studio’s ultimate guide to email marketing. This gives you everything you need to know in one handy document!

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