The Best Plugins For Analytics

If you want to understand the users on your website, you need to think about plugins for analytics.

They will help you understand the massive amount of data your website probably generates, which makes informed decisions about your business all the easier. 

But which plugins are best for the job?

Give our post a read and find out!

Why Google Analytics Is The Best

Let’s start with an important disclaimer: we use Google Analytics at Lugh Studio.

While there are other solutions that can track various metrics on your website, we find Google Analytics to be most effective.

Not only is it free, but Google Analytics has a wide variety of numbers that it can provide you. Our list of plugins below, then, are specifically used for Google Analytics.

That said, while we have found Google Analytics to be the best, its massive amount of analytical tracking might not be the right fit for everybody. If you are looking for alternatives, check out this list

With that out of the way, let’s jump into our list.

Two Plugins For Analytics

1) MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the Google Analytics plugin most websites stick with. And for good reason: it has everything you need, and is quite user-friendly once you get up and running.

Also, the fact that you don’t have to know a single line of code scores some bonus points!

Looking for an intuitive solution that makes analyzing the performance of your website quick and easy? Look no further than this plugin. 

2) Analytify

This plugin is free and easy to set up. While it’s not as robust as MonsterInsights, it also gives you the most important statistics you need to know about your most popular pages and user behavior.

One differentiating factor between Analytify and MonsterInsights is the email reports. While both can keep you updated, Anaylify’s email updates are often more easily understood.

Whichever plugin for analytics you decide to use, one thing is most important of all: just get started!

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