Explaining Google Analytics: Three Tips To Get You Started

Today we are explaining Google Analytics. Specifically, why it’s important and some main tips for using it.

While Google Analytics is a huge topic on its own, this quick post will get you started in the right direction.

Why Google Analytics Is So Important

Google Analytics is essentially the tool that gives you meaningful data about your website. This includes everything from the number of website visitors you get to which pages are your most popular.

Without this information you never know which parts of your website are contributing to your marketing goals.

And yes…if you haven’t yet installed Google Analytics on your website, that’s the first thing you should do! 

Three Tips To Use Google Analytics

1) Learn the basics first

Quite obvious here, but something that should always come first. Google Analytics can be confusing for first time users. That’s why getting a handle on the basics is so important.

Check out the most important metrics that Google Analytics measures.

2) Compare traffic trends

Once you’ve gotten the basics down it’s useful to see how you are improving. One of the ways to easily do this is to compare your traffic trends over time. 

Because traffic to your site is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing, you want to see how it changes with new posts and updates to your website.

Here’s how you do it.

3) Use segments, dimensions, and filters

While this is getting into more advanced territory, it’s essential to know how to use segments, dimensions and filters. These allow you to take total data and zero in on the stats you are most concerned with.

Check out more information here.

One Learning Resource

Ready to learn all about Google Analytics? Then it’s time to check out the Google Analytics Academy. This is the main source of information you need if you want to understand how Google Analytics works.

Good luck measuring your stats!

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