How To Perform A Content Audit

You’ve likely heard of the phrase “content audit.”

But what is it, and why exactly is it important?

Today that’s exactly what we are covering, as well as our four-step process for doing it correctly. 

Why a Content Audit Is Important

Content marketing continues to grow in importance every year.

In fact, over 80 percent of businesses claim that content is one of their most important marketing activities.

This means that not only is it important to be making money on a consistent basis…but it’s just as vital to see how the content you already have is performing.

Let’s see how you do that with our four-step content audit checklist. 

Four Steps To Success

1) Take inventory of the content you have.

The first step in a content audit is knowing what you are working with. While this might be easy for a business that doesn’t have so much content in the first place, it can also cause a headache for the ones that do.

2) Define what you want to track.

Once you have a list of your content, you need to decide what is most important to track. Is it the amount of website traffic you get?

Bounce rate?

Overall time spent on different content pieces.

Whatever it is, you have to know which metrics are the most important for your business success.

3) Gather and examine your data.

This can be a great chance to look up your Google Analytics.

This is one of the most reliable tools for getting a metric overview.

4) Adapt your content marketing strategy.

Once you have the data, it’s time to act. You’ve likely noticed some patterns. Maybe most of your traffic comes from the same few pieces of content. Maybe certain content types perform much better than others. Whatever the case is, it’s time to make a plan…and get started changing your content strategy!

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