How to use quizzes for your marketing strategy

Original content is a good way to add impact to your marketing strategy – but even that is not enough. 

Branded quizzes are a relatively inexpensive method to promote your business. This is where creativity meets utility, creating a cost effective interactive experience that will get you the exposure you need.

  1. Focus on your target audience & what motivates them – – Who are they? What do they like, want, or need? What’s going to get them to get in touch? Or share and promote your quiz?
  2. Think about your competition — Do a little research about how they’re using quizzes and games will help ensure that you’re doing something original and not just copying an idea that’s already out there. Consumers crave original experiences and products that will fill a void that hasn’t been filled yet.
  3. Consider your budget — Engagement doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to identify content and ideas you can leverage that will delight and challenge target audience.
  4. Figure out the best way to get the word out — Social media campaign? Email blast? Challenge everyone you know to take the quiz. Branded content, even something as simple as a quick quiz, should be a key part of your marketing toolkit: the goal is to use it to drive attention to your business. You want people to know about your new creation. Place it front and center on every promotional channel available: your website, social media pages, newsletters, publications, etc.
  5. Make it easy for them to find you — Consider accessibility. Make your game/quiz/demo/etc. extremely easy to access, download, and use. Attention spans are the shortest they’ve ever been, so if your consumer gets bored or annoyed while trying to figure out how to use your new gig, that’s a lost customer who’ll bring his business elsewhere.

Ready to get started? For more inspiration of fun, branded content, check out samples of our work or contact us today for a free consultation.

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