Newsmeister Game App

A Daily Social Trivia Game!

App/Game Design — UX/UI Design

“Lúgh Studio’s combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what I needed to bring Newsmeister to life.

Going into the project, I knew gamifying the news would required something special. Lúgh Studio’s edgy design nailed it.”

—Tim Holmgren, Founder, Newsmeister

Our Challenge

NEWSMEISTER came to us tests your knowledge of current events that truly are…current.

NEWSMEISTER is an interactive, gaming app that tests your knowledge of current events that truly are current. They wanted a user interface that would be intuitive, fun but with an edge. Based on the style of the game and a target audience of news junkies, we chose to go a retro film noir kinda of Dick Tracey meets Edward Scissorhands with rich, dark smokey colors.

Your Challenge

NEWSMEISTER isn’t trying to stump you with esoteric trivia; the game is designed for people like you. People who are interested in current events. People who engage in the latest social and political discourse. People whose awareness extends beyond their immediate world. You don’t need a Ph.D from Harvard or MIT. Just follow the news!


How do you stack up against other NEWSMEISTER players? NEWSMEISTER shows daily leaderboards that list high scores and other interesting data from the previous day. See how you fare and compare your score to that of your friends, alumni of your college, or people who live in the same city or state. It’s a great feature for NEWSMEISTER players with a competitive streak.