Lúgh Studio + Fundraise Up = More Donations

Your “digital donor” is impulsive, emotionally-driven, and highly responsive to online solicitations. That’s why nonprofit organizations need a website that demonstrates seamless navigation, eye-catching design, and clear call-to-action, keeping your visitors engaged while attracting more donations. Lúgh Studio specializes in using Fundraise Up tech to do just that.

Introducing Fundraise Up

Through sophisticated AI-driven design, Fundraise Up delivers a flawless and efficient checkout experience for your digital donor. By placing Fundraise Up tech across multiple areas of your website, we can upgrade your existing donation process, improve your user experience, and generate more donations by turning all your site pages into a “donation page”.

What this collaboration means for you—Improved digital donor ROI

Whether it’s a total website redesign or creation of a high-impact landing page, we can help you more than double your online revenue, as we did for The Partnership for the Homeless.

The Partnership for the Homeless is a nonprofit organization committed to building a better society through homelessness prevention. By integrating the Fundraise Up elements on the revamped single page website designed by Lúgh Studio, Partnership for the Homeless was able to effectively increase donations.

The investment you put in revamping your website is easily offset by the increased donations it will generate.

We are the first design agency to specialize in the design and implementation of Fundraise Up tech check out san diego aiport services. Through a cohesive design and production approach, we focus on looking at your unique fundraising needs through a creative lens, delivering impactful, scalable donor experiences.

In addition to web services, Lúgh Studio also specializes in print, digital, video, branding, and marketing, supplying you with a pool of resources to position your organization’s brand, strengthen its voice and improve your fundraising capabilities faster and easier than ever before.

Contact us today for a free consultation about how Lúgh Studio leveraging Fundraise Up can help you double your online revenue.

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