Case Study: A Preventative Approach in Fighting Homelessness

The Digital Donor

The traditional donation process used to send mail and surveys through the post office. Then, a non-profit organization would send back a custom form to fill-out.

Fast forward to the present day donation process, and you will find more and more donors connecting and engaging through the emergence of technology. These newborn “digital donors” stem from a segment of donors who are impulsive, emotionally-driven, and highly responsive to online solicitations.

They Look for 3 Things when Contributing to a Cause:

  1. To be recognized
  2. To feel like they’re making an impact
  3. To have a convenient experience
That’s where FundraiseUp comes into play

FundraiseUp is a donation system that simplifies the digital donor experience (We’ve highlighted the digital donor experience in a previous blog post here).

It’s not designed to be a donation funnel. It’s about providing a user-friendly platform, where the donor can focus on the cause itself, without the donation process holding them back.

FundraiseUp connects with donors and keeps them engaged during the entire process. At the end of the day, the donor wants to feel a sense of empowerment when contributing to these important causes.

FundraiseUp makes this happen. By using interactive customized messaging to track each data point, FundraiseUp incorporates a 360 approach, allowing the donor to feel emotionally connected through the entire process.

Partnership for the Homeless

Dating back to the 1970s, homelessness has grown rampant across New York City.

According to NYC Department of Home Services and Human Resources Administration, there are nearly 60,000 people in New York shelters every night. It’s a staggering amount, as homelessness hasn’t been this high since The Great Depression.

The Partnership for the Homeless is a nonprofit organization is committed to building a better society through homelessness prevention, wraparound services, community integration, and leadership development. Their mission is to create lasting change in the community through solution-oriented programs that will eliminate the root causes of homelessness, find more.

Lúgh Marketing works with several non-profit organizations to help battle today’s biggest social issues. Through one of our partners, Partnership for the Homeless, Lúgh Marketing is able to showcase how they took an active role in helping those in need.

Donation Process

The Partnership for the HomelessHome-to-Home campaign connects New York residents with fellow New Yorkers on the brink of homelessness. A resident is partnered with an at-risk New Yorker and donates the value of one month’s rent or mortgage over a 12-month period. FundraiseUp’s technology allows an instant and simple way for donations to be processed.

The platform cuts out any extraneous steps, allowing the donor a quick and painless process.

This approach goes beyond providing just support. It consists of bringing back home stability into people’s lives. That’s where Lúgh Marketing and FundraiseUp came in to help rebuild the site and set up The Partnership for the Homeless donation platform to help meet their campaign goals.

Between using FundraiseUp’s platform and revamped Partnership for the Homeless’ single page website, we have made great strides in helping express their mission, vision, and services. The website proves exactly this, by showing their commitment towards bringing more stability to New York City.

Continued Success

Since redesigning The Partnership’s website—and increasing their donation growth via Fundraise Up—Lúgh Marketing has continued to design campaigns and manage the website functionality of this ultra-active nonprofit.

In July of 2021, Lúgh worked with The Partnership for the Homeless on their Homes for 1,000 New Yorkers campaign (Homes for 1,000 New Yorkers – The Partnership for the Homeless), which targeted donors via a series of e-blast and direct mail campaigning. Our designers and web developers worked to find a creative and evocative approach to incite potential donors to contribute to solving homelessness.

By directing donors to the Fundraise Up donation portal centered in the campaign, The Partnership was able to continue to drive donor growth—making this one of their most successful campaigns to date!

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