Hosting Virtual Events: 4 Tips From Lúgh Studio

Skills in hosting virtual events have become increasingly valuable over the last decade. 

More workers than ever are remote, and virtual events can be hosted for a fraction of the price.

But how to do it?  

Check out our top four tips!

Top Tips For Hosting a Virtual Event

1) Tie your event to a benefit.

This is all about getting people to sign up.

What is it that you are promising to your attendees? What is the benefit that they get from attending?

This is how you get people to sign up, and how you get them to actually attend once they have.

2) Choose the right platform.

Of course, to successfully host a virtual event you need to get your tech in order.

Thankfully, with the rise of virtual events have come more and more quality solutions for running them. Check out this list for some valuable tools that you can use.

Remember, depending on the ticket price, it might very well be worth it to invest in a premium solution.

3) Get your attendees involved.

As convenient as virtual events are, they are still missing the personal aspect that only in-person can provide.

It’s your job to keep attendees both involved…and entertained.

Is this more work? Of course – but it’s work worth doing.

After all, nobody wants to an event and sit there for eight hours looking at a screen without some sort of interaction.

4) Remind people that your event is happening.

This seems like an obvious one, but hosting virtual events brings its own set of challenges. 

One of those is attendee drop off, especially if it’s free.

So don’t be scared about reminding people that your event is happening! Email reminders are standard, but you can also include “freebies” for those that decide to attend live.

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