Managing Remote Teams: 5 Tips From Lúgh Studio

Managing remote teams has taken on new importance the last few years.

From increasing digitalization to a global pandemic, more and more of the workforce are working from home.

But how do you successfully manage these teams? Check out our five tips for doing it successfully.

Managing Remote Teams Successfully

1) Make an effort to bond as much as possible.

Remote working, even with all its conveniences, brings challenges.

One of the biggest is social isolation. In fact, over 20 percent of work remote workers have reported feelings of isolation at some point.

That’s where events come in.

Check out this guide to remote events that bring the team together. 

2) Embrace differences in your team.

Your team is full of individuals.

While this is obvious during in-person interactions, it’s even clearer while working remotely.

When working from home, some people may start and finish earlier. Some people may take a slightly longer lunch break.

As long as their work is getting done, encourage your workers 

3) Set clear expectations from the start.

Even with differences, expectations are needed.

To manage remote teams, it’s a necessity.

How often is communication expected? Should your team always be online?

These are questions that need clear answers. 

4) Use the right tools.

Of course, even the best plan means nothing without the right tools. 

These enable clear communication and make sure you and your team are properly dividing responsibility. 

We at Lúgh Studio, for example, use tools like Trello and Slack.

Check out this list of tools for more ideas.

5) Be empathetic.

Our last point brings everything else together.

If you want to manage remote teams most effectively, empathy is essential.

Just as you pay attention to user experience, ensure your worker experience is a positive one.

Remote working isn’t always a walk in the park.

But with an empathetic manager, it’s certainly a bit easier!

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