Website Navigation: Why Is It Important?

The way people navigate your site is fundamental to establishing your business’s brand. It creates a positive user experience, and through this experience, a positive image of your company.

But what are some specific results that good website navigation can create?

Let’s take a look at four of them now.

1) Improves conversions on your website.

A website that is easy to navigate isn’t just easier for your site visitors; it also makes them trust you more.

And when that happens? Your site visitors are much more likely to take action when you ask them to.

This includes clicking over to your blog, watching a video, and even becoming a lead

2) Makes visitors stay longer.

Of course, it’s not enough to have a certain amount of traffic to your website. You actually have to get them to do something once they’re there.

Thankfully, a website with good navigation encourages your visitors to stay longer. This in turn increases the likelihood that they actually engage with your website.

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3) Gets you more sales.

Have you ever tried to buy something online, only to get frustrated that you couldn’t figure out how to pay?

If people are trying to spend money on your products and services, don’t make it difficult for them. 

Follow these best tips for effective online selling.

4) Helps search engines.

While this is a more technical effect of good site navigation, it’s one of the most important.

Simply put, websites that are easy to navigate aren’t just good for your site visitors: they’re also good for search engines.

And if search engines like Google like your website? You rank higher, get more traffic, and make more money.

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