Black Friday tips.

Seven Black Friday Tips For Your Company

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling, and all of a sudden pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere.

This means one very important thing for your business: Black Friday is right around the corner.

Today we are sharing seven Black Friday tips you can use to make this one the most profitable ever. 

Grab your latte and let’s get started.

Seven Black Friday Tips

1) Start early

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to Black Friday. The fact is, Black Friday is often the most profitable week for many businesses. There are a lot of moving parts, and depending on your offer, it can take multiple weeks to get everything set up.

That’s why starting early is so essential. We are posting this article a full month before Black Friday 2021, and are already helping various clients get set up for the big day.

Preparation is key.

2) Optimize your website

If you are running multiple offers during Black Friday, people will be spending a lot of time on your website. It pays here to make sure everything works exactly as you want it.

Do a walk through. This gives you the opportunity to look at your website like a customer sees it. Is your offer obvious? Do all your site’s links work? Do buttons take you to the landing pages you intend?

These are all essential aspects of the customer experience that can easily get overlooked in the rush of planning. Make sure you have them right, and give yourself enough time to check.

3) Set up your email flows

Email marketing isn’t dead. Far from it. In fact, email is often the most profitable channel for a business. That’s why it’s important to implement it into your Black Friday plan.

Even though many businesses already do this, they’re missing out by not setting up flows. These are automated sequences you write ahead of time that customers get put into for completing various actions. They are important because they essentially put your marketing on autopilot. 

When it comes to Black Friday, the most important flows to have set up are for post purchase and cart abandonment. Check out our ultimate guide to email marketing for more actionable information.

4) Make your offer irresistible

Once you’ve done the first three steps, it’s important to actually think about your offer.  Is this something people want? Are you selling something that they can’t get anywhere else? 

And perhaps most importantly, are you communicating your Black Friday offer in a way that makes it look like a “steal?” If so, you are on the right path.

It’s important here to differentiate your “product” from your “offer.” You may very well have an amazing product. Still, if you aren’t packaging it in a way that appeals to potential buyers (your “offer”), your Black Friday isn’t going to be as successful as it could be.

5) Build anticipation through social media

The time is now to start planning how you are going to get people interested. One of the best ways to do that is through social media.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, social media is uniquely suited to get people excited about Black Friday. It’s image heavy, can market to people when they are relaxed and in “buying mode,” and can potentially reach a ton of buyers.

While organic posts are a good start, consider investing in ads. Depending on your target demographic, a well-placed Facebook ad can take your Black Friday campaign to an entirely new level. Check out this valuable post about advertising during Black Friday.

6) Be ready to answer questions

People are naturally skeptical. Even if they are getting a good deal during Black Friday, they still want to know exactly how your offer will benefit them.

While a page dedicated to frequently asked questions is a must, you should also be responsive to any questions that come in. Maybe it’s an email from one of your subscribers. Maybe it’s a comment on one of your social media posts. Whatever it is, responsiveness is the name of the game. By striving to be as helpful as possible (and transparent, as well), you gain the trust of potential buyers. This moves them closer to purchase, and raises the odds that your Black Friday is a successful one.

If you have one, make sure your customer service team is well-prepared with the answers your audience is searching for.

7) Make purchasing the best decision your customer has made

Getting a new buyer isn’t the end of the road for your business. In fact, in many ways, it’s just the beginning. You want to continue building your relationship with a new customer after they have purchased. 

This decreases the odds that they complain about your product, which is especially important if you have a refund policy. It also makes it more likely that they become a repeat buyer. To do this, it’s important to frame the purchase as a good decision.

While there are numerous strategies for doing this, one of the most effective is through quick email follow up. Remember how I mentioned that a post purchase flow is one of the most important to have set up? That’s because in the moments after somebody buy s a new product, they want to feel justified in having made the purchase decision.

It’s your job here to send further positive testimonials, information about how to take full advantage of your product, and positive words that get them to like you. Do this, and they can’t help but feel that your Black Friday offer was the right one for them!  

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