Making Perfect Facebook Posts

Today we are covering Facebook posts.

Why they matter, how to know if they’re doing their job or not, and some tips for how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Why Facebook Posts Matter For Your Business

First, there are over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook.

That means you have a ton of potential to promote your business through good content.  Facebook is simply a great way to build your brand.

Second, in the age of information, your modern consumer expects some sort of social media presence. Facebook posts are how the majority of business meet that expectation.

Plus, if you learn how to run Facebook ads, your reach can be even further magnified!

How To Measure The Success of Facebook Posts

The two metrics that matter with Facebook posts are “engagement” and “conversions.”

While engagement measures things like comments and likes, conversions are more geared towards email signups.

Check out this post on Facebook metrics for more information.

Three Elements of a Good Facebook Post

As we’ve said before, you should be posting on your Facebook business page at least weekly.

But how exactly do you format a successful post?

The Three Most Important Elements of a Good Facebook Post

1) A good picture

A good visual is the first thing that a reader will notice.

It should be something that catches the eye and stops them from scrolling. 

2) A good headline

After your picture, the headline is the first thing that the average person will read. 

It should make them curious to click and promise some sort of benefit.

3) Call-to-action

What do you want the reader to do?

This is where it pays to be crystal clear about what the next step.

Just like we wrote in our post about lead magnets, what you write will either make or break your results!

Good luck with your Facebook posts!

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