Lead Magnets For Nonprofits

9 Lead Magnets For Nonprofits

We have all heard of lead magnets. These are valuable pieces of content (typically free) that are given away to an audience in exchange for information about themselves. They are typically used by companies as a form of audience building. But what about lead magnets for nonprofits?

Today we go over why lead magnets can be every bit as effective for nonprofits. We also include nine different lead magnets you might consider for your own organization. Let’s get started!

Why Lead Magnets For Nonprofits Can Be So Effective

At their core, lead magnets serve as a compelling incentive. They are a way to get something for free, valuable, and often solve a person’s problem. What’s not to love? 

This is all true regardless of your organization. Still, they can be particularly effective for nonprofits. Here are four reasons why:

Build your audience.

This is an obvious one to start out with. Still, when it comes to building an audience, we know a thing or two. Regardless of your main goal at your organization, having a larger (and more engaged) audience is almost always a good thing. It’s simple, but so very effective: lead magnets and the value they provide attract more people genuinely interested in your cause.

Develop relationships.

If you are involved in a cause that your audience cares about, and communicate with them at all, relationships will develop. This is inevitable. Still, there’s so much room to improve this relationship – and a lead magnet is a great way to do it. Give away a lead magnet that your audience truly wants, and that relationship can only get better.

Dive into personalization.

Smart data is a great thing to base most of your decisions on. This ensures that your efforts are optimized and that you are working on things that truly move the needle. So – what does this have to do with lead magnets. With the data points that you collect with your lead magnets, you are able to understand your audience much better. Who they are and what they want – these are questions that are much easier to answer once you start giving away lead magnets and gauging peoples’ response to them.

Send more targeted outreach.

When it comes time for outreach, lead magnets set the table for targeted efforts. Lead magnets help you target specific segments of your audience, ensuring that the content you deliver is relevant and resonates with their interests. This isn’t only important for email marketing. Rather, if you are doing outreach for any kind of fundraiser, you need to be as targeted as possible. Again, the data you gain from lead magnets makes this much easier to do.

Lead Magnets For Nonprofits: 9 Ideas

Let’s now check out the most important part of this post: nine different lead magnets you can actually use at your nonprofit. 

1) Educational E-Books

Multiple studies show that e-books are one of the highest converting lead magnets you can create. They showcase your expertise and give somebody everything they need to know about a topic in one convenient place. Plus, these days, they’re not even that hard to make. You might even consider getting a freelancer to create one for you.

2) Exclusive Webinars

Webinars are one of the best lead magnets you can have. This digital event is a great source of information for your audience, and can also be a great entrypoint for whatever your offer is. Of course, it’s important that the webinar you do run is quality. Be sure to read up on some best practices.

3) Toolkits and Resources

Your audience has a problem. Likely, you have experience with this problem, and almost certainly, you have used specific tools or resources to solve it. So – what are these tools and resources? Your audience wants to know. Create a lead magnet around this, market it correctly, and people will want to see what it’s all about.

4) Impactful Case Studies

Case studies are most effective when they are about a success story. This is a powerful way of showcasing the real-world impact of your nonprofit’s efforts. An added bonus? It gives your nonprofit legitimacy in the eyes of your audience. If you have them, put them everywhere!

5) Interactive Assessments

Everybody wants customized help. This is why an interactive assessment can be such a good lead magnet for nonprofits: it offers this kind of help. Of course, for your organization, this assessment can be a valuable way to collect data on your audience. You’d be surprised what a simple quiz can tell you about a person’s preferences or beliefs.

6) Behind-the-Scenes Content

As we talk about in our post on user generated content, people crave authenticity. It brings them closer to your nonprofit and, with the right kind of content, forces them to pay attention. It’s the same kind of thing with behind-the-scenes content. By getting to see something not everybody can, people are psychologically more willing to give you their contact information.

7) Exclusive Reports

Have you done some kind of valuable research? Do you have findings that could be valuable for your audience? If you do, might as well share them in the form of a lead magnet. An exclusive report isn’t only a great way to build an audience. It can also make you look extremely professional, as well. 

8) Templates for Action

People don’t just want results; they want them fast. This is where a template comes in. If you have a step by step process people can follow to mimic your result, you are going to have high demand for it. Put it in the form of an easy-to-follow template, and you’re in business.

9) Early Access to Events

Lastly, one of the best opportunities for a nonprofit to raise funds is an event. In the context of a lead magnet, early access to an event is a good way to go. You might also consider giving away certain bonuses tied to the event. Assuming it’s an event people are interested in, it can act as a high-converting lead magnet.

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