The Most Important Elements of a Good Homepage

A good home page is essential to your success as a business owner.

We’ve talked before about general advice for optimizing it.

Today, we are getting more specific with the most important elements of a homepage that converts.

Elements of a Good Homepage

1) Logo

This is the first thing a good homepage needs.

Your logo is what people associate with your business. It should be clean, minimalistic, and recognizable.

A good homepage will put it at the very top.

2) Headline

If your logo shows the world who you are, your headline explains to them what you do.

Treat this as your motto. A good homepage doesn’t hide anything when it comes to your business’s headline. It should tell your site visitors exactly what you do, and exactly how you can help them.

Studies show that you only have a few seconds to convince somebody to stay on your website.

So make this one count!

3) Call to action

What is it that you most want visitors to your website to do?

Sign up for your email list? Visit your online store? Read the content you put on your blog?

Whatever it is, this is what your call to action should be. Make this not only easy to do, but limited. The more calls to action you have, the less likely you are to convert for any individual one. 

So think about what your main business goal is – and then go from there.

4) Social Proof 

This is such an important element of a good homepage because it shows site visitors that they can trust you.

Already have customers? Already have a raving fan base?

Then you need to highlight them. Whether it’s written or video testimonials, people need to see proof that you can do what you claim.

A good homepage never forgets this.

A Good Homepage is About More Than Just Looking Nice.

It’s about making money.

Bad home pages simply don’t convert.

Follow these four elements, though, and you’re heading in the right direction!

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