Brand & Website Refresh

The International Community Foundation (ICF) sought to modernize their digital presence to better reflect their dynamic mission and reach a broader audience. Lúgh Studio was chosen for this essential task to elevate both the functionality and design of ICF’s website and logo.

The Challenge:
ICF’s existing website was functional but lacked the contemporary design that resonates with today’s digital audience. They were also looking to update their logo to better represent their mission and the communities they serve. The key challenges included:

  • The website needed an update to align with current design trends.
  • The logo needed a fresh, contemporary look to convey the organization’s role and impact in community empowerment.

Lúgh Studio’s Solution:
We designed a clean, modern website that emphasizes user experience. The new layout is intuitive, making it easy for visitors to navigate through the site and access information about ICF’s projects and achievements. Enhanced visual elements and clearer calls-to-action now facilitate engagement. The new logo was crafted to symbolically reflect ICF’s commitment to connecting and supporting community leaders. It incorporates elements that suggest growth and collaboration, using a color palette that is modern and inclusive.

Logo Design Process

Branding Assets

Brand Guidelines

ICF’s style guide is a comprehensive document that outlines the visual and written elements of their brand. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for maintaining consistency and coherence in how the brand is presented across different channels and materials. As well as, where ICF can find all their brand elements.

Business Card

The business card for ICF is meticulously crafted to make a lasting impact, showcasing their brand identity and professionalism. On the front, you'll find their logomark and contact details elegantly presented in a clear and readable font. Meanwhile, the back of the card features their logo prominently, making a bold statement.

PowerPoint Template

ICF’s PowerPoint template is designed to effectively communicate key information while maintaining a professional and visually appealing look.


ICF’s letterhead was created for official correspondence, features ICF's logo and contact information with consistent branding throughout.

Media Backdrop

Creating a media backdrop for ICF serves the dual purpose of promoting the brand and establishing a professional backdrop that enhances media coverage. This creates a cohesive visual identity for the company, helping with brand recognition and ensuring a consistent and impactful presence.


ICF’s email template was designed to help ICF connect with their donors and partners, raise awareness, and drive action for positive social impact.

Website Redesign


The Result: The website redesign and logo update have transformed ICF’s digital presence: The website now features a contemporary design that is appealing and easier to navigate. The redesigned logo is visually engaging and more representative of ICF’s mission and impact. This project between the International Community Foundation and Lúgh Studio demonstrates the importance of aligning an organization’s digital presence with its strategic objectives. With a refreshed website and logo, ICF is now better positioned to communicate their vision and engage with their audience effectively.


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