Strong Beginnings

VERG, the state-of-the-art Brooklyn Veterinarian clinic hasn’t updated its brand in over 15 years. We designed a new logo that reflected the clinic’s caring attitude and superb dedication to providing best possible service to veterinarians and pets. As part of our rebranding efforts, we refreshed VERG’s website and created email newsletter campaigns to highlight the clinic’s latest equipment upgrades and superb customer service. After successful re-branding, we designed a campaign to announce VERG’s relocation to an improved facility.

Evolving the Brand

With time and repeated success, comes growth.

Over 10 years, VERG’s team grew at a rapid rate, as did its facilities and services. With all this success and growth, the brand needed to evolve with it. Lúgh came back to refresh the brand in a way that kept the same core messages, but could encompass the new trajectory of the company.

We started with updating the logo, playing around with different naming and design concepts. The objective was to stay true to the original brand, while still conveying a complete and concise message. In the end, we simplified the logo down to its most necessary form, refreshing the colors and the fonts. This added both the elegance and flexibility that the client was looking for.

Logo Design Process

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