Keeping Healthcare Practitioners Up to Date

We developed Track TOC from beginning to end. The brand, which needed to be clean modern but not promotional.

It needed to represent the credibility of the content which is 100% peer-reviewed journal abstracts.

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From Web to Print

Track TOC is a valued solution to many. The look and feel of the website is modern, intuitive to navigate, and useful—just like the service itself. There are pops of color to grab attention, but not overwhelming. This is also reflected in the print collateral. It is simple in form, but bold in color to stand out.

A guided experience

To fully support TrackToc’s users, we created a series of “how-to” videos and a dedicated help page. The user can watch a quick overview video to get a sense of the features available to them. And then they can visit the help page gallery, to take a deeper dive.