How To Build An Authentic Brand

How To Build An Authentic Brand

“Building a brand” has become a bit of a buzz phrase. But we will be the first to admit it: no matter what you think, your brand is important. And how you go about building it can have major implications for you business. 

Today we are covering what a “brand” actually is, as well as how you can effectively approach creating one. 

What Is A Brand?

An organization’s brand can be defined as the way it is perceived by those who interact with it. This includes all of the details that go into creating the experience that your users have when interacting with your company. This can technically include just about everything, from your user experience to the website design you choose to implement.

As for why building a brand is so important? While there are a number of reasons, here are three of the most important:

  • It creates a more consistent “user experience.” This is true for both a business’s customers and a nonprofit’s donors. 
  • Builds brand loyalty. A consistent organization story and voice establishes a certain expectation in your audience
  • Boost your emplyee’s motivation. A clear brand will inspire your workers to give their best every day. With a brand that they can identify with, it’s easier to build an attachment to your organization’s mission.

Let’s now dive into some actionable advice for creating an authentic (and consistent) brand for your own organization.

How To Build A Brand

1) Have a very clear organization story

Last week we dove into why an organization story is so important. However, a story that you consistently tell to the people who are interested in you also has a big influence on your brand.

It’s important to get this right, so be sure to take feedback from everybody at your organization.

2) Establish the sort of style you will use

Without a doubt, one of the quickest ways to influence how somebody thinks about your brand is your style. Trust us – as a design studio, we’ve helped a ton of clients with their website design! This includes colors, fonts, and overall consistency of design that you implement

For a deep dive into creating your own style, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to a brand style guide. This will help you prioritize (and systematize) the elements you know are the most important.

3) Choose a logo

Once you’ve chosen your brand style guide, it’s time for your logo. Of course, this is likely something you already have. Still, there’s no problem in changing it to something more in-line with your new brand. Plus, if you are going for a complete rebranding, a new logo can gain a ton of interest from your already existing audience.

Struggling for ideas? Check out our guide to making an effective logo.

4) Create your slogan

Think about what you do. How could you summarize this in a single sentence? This will be your slogan, and it’s important for your brand because it’s one of the things that people will most remember – essential if you want to build a brand.

Similar to a logo, there is a decent chance you already have some sort of slogan. If not, now’s the time to make one (check out Constant Contact’s guide to business slogans for help with the process).

That said, a slogan is not a must have when it comes to a recognizable brand. It’s important, yes, but shouldn’t necessarily be the first thing you approach during the process. 

5) Publish consistent content

Nothing will build a brand in the minds of your audience as much as consistently helping them with their most pressing problems. Good content is one of the best ways to do that.

Assuming it’s high quality, content will keep bringing people back to your website. This is a good chance to not only educate them, but establish a certain image in their head of your organization. 

Of course, be sure that your style of published content is consistent. Check out our ultimate guide to content marketing for everything you need to know.

6) Get inspiration from others

This could very well be the very first step if your organization is brand new. The fact is, starting from the ground up can be difficult to successfully do.

What are the big organizations in your industry? Who are your main competitors or other nonprofits that serve the same purpose? If they are more successful than you, it’s important to pay attention to their brand. What does their website look like? How about their content? Any catchy tidbits you might apply to your own copy?

Take notes for all of these questions. What do you see from other brands, and how can you apply it to your own? Inspiration is everywhere – you just have to go looking for it!

7) Stay consistent 

Once you have a brand, it’s essential that you stick with it. There’s nothing more confusing than an organization that always seems to be changing. In fact, this is the exact opposite of a brand. That’s because people simply can’t recognize you if nothing ever stays the same. 

Trust in the process of building a brand while you are doing it, and then trust in the final result once you are finished. This is a strategy that can’t steer you wrong!

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