Why is Good Copywriting So Important?

You’ve likely heard that good copywriting is important to your success as a business.

But how, exactly? And what sort of things does it help with?

Today we are briefly covering what copywriting is, as well as some examples of how it can help your business.

What Is Copywriting?

This is the first question we have to answer.

Copywriting, at its most basic, is writing with the goal of influencing somebody to do something. The reason it’s so directly linked with marketing is that all of your writing is some form of copywriting.

Your end goal as a business is to turn people into happy customers. Great copy is the foundation of your marketing message that makes that happen.

Examples of Good Copywriting For Your Business

Ok, so copywriting is the foundation of every marketing activity you engage in.

But let’s get more specific than that. Check out these four examples of how doing it well can help your business.

1) Increasing engagement on your website.

In the digital age, your website is essential. It’s often the first impression a future customer will have of you.

While we covered the importance of a good home page, that’s only possible through good copywriting. Clear and engaging writing increases customer engagement (and satisfaction) on your website through clear calls to action and navigation.

2) Building your email list. 

We covered in our ultimate guide to email marketing how important an engaged email list was. 

But how do you build that list?

Through compelling opt-in forms and lead magnets. That’s where copywriting comes in.

3) Filming videos for your business.

Your video script needs to be focused. It also needs to be entertaining to your audience and optimized to drive conversions.

Convincing sales copy can help.

4) Improving your sales pages.

This one’s obvious, right? Unfortunately, it’s also one of the biggest missing links of a business’s sales funnel.

And what can fix it? Good copywriting that not only empathizes with a prospect’s problems, but clearly shows how your product is the answer.

Time To Practice!

Now that you know how important good copywriting is, it’s important to practice.

Stay tuned for our post next week on our four favorite books that will take your writing to the next level. 

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