Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

Lúgh Studio’s Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing In The Cannabis Industry

Content marketing will always be important. It’s how brands educate their followers, position themselves as an authority, and build up trust over time. Good and educational content marketing is a great long term strategy for building a bigger audience and attracting more customers.

Still, while the general usefulness of content marketing can’t be denied, it’s especially useful for companies in the cannabis space. Things are always changing in this industry, and it’s important to have a grasp of the essentials. 

That’s exactly what we provide you in our latest ultimate guide. Below you will find information on why content marketing in the cannabis industry is so essential, ten tips on how to approach content creation intelligently, and a few resources for further education.

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What Is Content Marketing In The Cannabis Industry?

Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

First, we need to understand what exactly content marketing in the cannabis industry looks like. This can be difficult to pinpoint at first. Basically, anything that educates (or entertains) your audience might be considered content. For more specifics, though, here is a list of possible topics:

  • Educational articles about different marijuana strains
  • Deep dives comparing cannabis consumption methods
  • Recipes for cannabis edibles
  • Lifestyle pieces about the broader cannabis culture
  • The results of surveys sent to your audience about various questions
  • Summarizing more academic studies about cannabis use
  • Comparison videos about different marijuana dispensaries

These are only a few topics that you might consider. Each brand in the cannabis industry will be slightly different with a unique audience that they serve. Use this list not as a hard and fast rule for your content marketing, but rather an inspirational list of what your content marketing might look like. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into why exactly content marketing is so useful for the cannabis industry.

Why Is Content Marketing In The Cannabis Industry So Important?

As we have already pointed out, content marketing is useful for every organization. However, the unique challenges of the cannabis industry also create unique benefits of content marketing in the space. Here are some of the reasons content marketing is so important in the cannabis industry specifically:

Regulatory Challenges

Even as cannabis becomes more common across different countries and cultures, regulations can still be confusing. Take the United States as a great example. As of 2023, the U.S. allows cannabis use in 38 of 50 states for medical reasons. Of those, 24 also allow it for recreational use. This sounds straightforward enough, but there are almost always contradictions when it comes to laws across states. The same confusion exists in other countries.

This is a great reason for quality content creation: clearing up confusion for readers. Regulatory inconsistencies naturally cause hesitation regarding cannabis use. People using marijuana appreciate a high authority source to educate them. When it comes to regulatory challenges and other laws, you have a great opportunity to do just that.

Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

Credibility And Trust

As cannabis use and laws regulating it grow and mature, consumers seek brands they can trust. This is natural no matter what the industry. However, given the stigma that still persists surrounding marijuana use, it’s even more essential in the cannabis industry.

If you’re a brand in the cannabis space, educational content is highly appreciated by your audience. It positions you as an authority in a sometimes confusing industry. It also builds trust over time and keeps your audience engaged over the long run. This sets you up not just for success now, but far into the future as well.

Connecting With A Diverse Audience

Gone are the days when you can stereotype the sort of person using cannabis. The fact is (especially in the United States) cannabis use has become much more socially acceptable. More people from more varied backgrounds are using it. This has created a consumer base that is much more diverse than the past. 

Good content is a great way to connect with them. No matter who is part of your audience, there’s a good chance that they’ll be interested in high quality content. This is an essential aspect of content marketing in the cannabis industry.

Addressing Stigmas

Even as cannabis has become more accepted in various cultures, that’s not the case universally. There’s still a long way to go before the majority of people are ok with cannabis use (even if they don’t use it themselves). If we want to get there, education is key.

That’s where good content marketing can play a role. Cannabis carries a historical stigma, and likely will for some time. Thankfully, thoughtful (and respectful) content can destigmatize the plant. The right piece of content can present cannabis as a legitimate and beneficial part of many lifestyles. This is a big step in making it more accepted globally.

SEO Benefits

Lastly, good content in the cannabis industry is simply a great long term asset. As we point out in our guide to SEO, content marketing has a huge effect on a brand’s ability to be found online. Because we live in an increasingly digital world, this fact can’t be ignored.

Plus, as cannabis becomes more normalized, the competition will only increase. Brands that spend the time right now creating quality content are setting themselves to be competitive years from now. 

Now that we understand why content marketing in the cannabis industry is so important, let’s see how you do it effectively.

10 Tips for Effective Content Marketing In The Cannabis Industry

Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

1) Know Your Audience

One of the most important steps to good content marketing is knowing who you’re talking to. Who is your demographic? What do they look like, what are their daily habits, and how can you best serve them specifically? These are questions you can answer quickly when you know your audience. 

Dive deep into market research. More and more people are using cannabis, and it pays to know who exactly they are. And remember – cannabis use is more and more widespread. Who your audience actually is might surprise you!

2) Educate Based On Experience

Cannabis consumers vary in experience. Just as their overall “demographic” will differ from one another, so too does their overall level of experience with cannabis. Some people have used it for years. Others, meanwhile, are just getting started. Do you want to appeal to as many people as possible? If you do, you need to vary the overall “depth” of your content. 

Blog posts catered to beginner cannabis users? In-depth video tutorials on how to choose the right cannabis strain for long-time users? These can both play an important part in your overall content marketing plan.

3) Utilize Various Content Formats

Just like overall level of experience with cannabis, content format is an important consideration. Everybody consumes content. That said, the exact format of the content will almost always change. Quality content marketing for the cannabis industry takes this into account. 

The solution? Diversifying your content with articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, and other formats to cater to different people. This diversification allows you to create content with maximum impact in mind. It also gives you the chance to approach topics you might not normally cover.

4) Leverage User-Generated Content

The power of community in the cannabis world cannot be overstated. Not only does it connect your audience to people with similar interests, but it gives you the chance to implement the power of user-generated content (USG). This content type can not only be highly engaging for your audience, but wins their trust faster than just about anything else.  

So – how do you get started with USG? First, be sure to read up on USG best practices. This ensures you are approaching it with the right strategies in place. Once you have, get to work collecting user stories or testimonials. These will set your brand apart from everybody else. 

5) Craft Compelling Stories

Cannabis use is an intensely personal activity. Even if people consume it in groups, their experience with it will always differ. This is one of the reasons stories are so important for good content marketing. The fact is, humans connect through narratives. Storytelling has the power to not only engage people, but connect them with others that have had similar experiences with cannabis. Pair this with the stigma that still exists surrounding cannabis use, and you start to see why the human side of your content is essential.

So, the million dollar question: what do you tell stories about? While each brand will differ, here are some cannabis topics that are particularly well-suited for stories:

  • The journey of your founders
  • How your brand has grown with legalization over time
  • The unique aspects of your cultivation process

6) Collaborate With Influencers

If you want to extend your reach with your content marketing, partnerships are a great way to do it. Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to build an audience, no matter what the industry. Cannabis included! That’s because you have the opportunity to put your content in front of many more people than you otherwise would. 

Be sure to identify influencers whose values align with your own brand. This ensures that the cannabis users you are reaching with your content actually connect with your message.

7) Always Offer Value

No matter what kind of content marketing for the cannabis industry you invest in, it needs to be valuable. Are you teaching your audience how to pick the right strain? Maybe you’re comparing different smoking tools they can use? Or perhaps you educate people on how to grow their own cannabis? 

No matter what the topic is, make sure your content provides value. What are the tangible takeaways? What useful insights can you share? This value-first approach to your content is essential. Not only does this keep them coming back for more, but it sets you apart from your competitors. 

8) Engage In Thought Leadership

What does the future of cannabis cultivation look like? How does cannabis differ from other substances, and what are the benefits people can expect to experience if they use it? Will the stigma surrounding marijuana continue in the future, or are we entering an era where more and more people accept it? 

These are all questions you can answer in the content you create. While content marketing in the cannabis industry can often be more lighthearted, it doesn’t have to be. And if you are trying to appeal to a more serious segment of your audience – it shouldn’t be. Try creating longer authoritative pieces of content. These can include case studies or white papers. Not only is this an effective form of lead generation, but it’s a great way to create evergreen assets that aid in your content marketing for years to come. 

9) Adapt To Industry Trends

How are people using cannabis? Are there any new trends happening in the industry? This might include anything from the kind of cannabis people use to how exactly they consume it. And if there are changing trends – how exactly can you capitalize on it?

No matter the industry, there are always new fads popping up. The cannabis industry is no different. Trends in cannabis consumption, culture, and technology are a constant, and addressing them can significantly impact your content’s effectiveness. It makes you both interesting and relevant to your audience. This ensures they repeatedly come back to you when they want to learn about any new cannabis developments.  

That said, as essential as staying relevant is, it’s equally important to always keep our last tip in mind…

10) Stay Compliant

None of the tips above mean much if you are breaking laws. As we point out in the beginning, there are still inconsistencies in cannabis regulation. What is ok in one place, might not be in another. That’s why you have to ensure your content marketing is compliant. 

Given the regulatory landscape, ensure all content complies with regional laws. You should steer clear of any claims that could put this compliance at risk. Work closely with legal experts to navigate this regulatory environment successfully. As always, stay on top of compliance in content no matter what new content you are marking.

Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

Just like all of our ultimate guides, we want to leave you with a list of recommended resources. While further education is always important, no matter what industry you are in, it’s especially essential with the cannabis industry. Things are always changing. In the United States alone, for example, regulations across states are always in flux. 

With that in mind, here are a few additional resources that will improve your content marketing for the cannabis industry:

1) Leafly

This is a platform with information on different strains and marijuana sales opportunities. It also has a lot more of what you might consider “lifestyle content” – posts on the latest trends in the cannabis world. This is a great resource for cannabis enthusiasts and gives you a good idea of the sort of content people are looking for.

2) Weedmaps

A blog that has all kinds of marijuana-related news. From the latest in regulation development, to gift recommendations for cannabis users, Weedmaps is a great example of what engaging content in this industry looks like. Use this website if you want to gain valuable insights for both consumers and businesses alike.

3) National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

Founded in 2010, NCIA is the oldest (and largest) trade association serving the cannabis industry. The NCIA advocates for small businesses in the cannabis industry, and is fundamental in advancing policy reforms year after year. Consider membership if you want support in everything you do. 

4) Cannabis Business Times

Lastly, this publication covers everything business-related in the cannabis industry. This includes not only the latest business trends, but things like cultivation practices and regulatory updates as well. If you are a cannabis entrepreneur, the Cannabis Business Times offers practical tips and insights that you won’t want to miss!


Content marketing in the cannabis industry can be confusing. That said, with the right information and consistent action, it doesn’t have to be.

Keep this guide as a handy reference for your own content creation. This will ensure you approach all your content creation efforts not only more intelligently, but with more efficiency as well.

Good luck, and let us know if you ever have any questions!

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