9 Effective Logos To Use As Inspiration

Effective logos are one of the most underrated aspects of a successful online business. They are memorable, catchy, and ideally, attract new customers. 

That’s why we are sharing 10 examples of effective logos done right.

So you can get inspired…and go create your own.

Why Are Effective Logos So Important?

Let’s get started with this question. Only by understanding the need of a good logo can you deconstruct what works and replicate it for yourself.

While I mentioned it at the beginning, it bears repeating: a logo done correctly is fully capable of bringing in new customers. That’s because it stops them in their tracks and grabs their attention. This is the first step in creating a customer, as somebody’s attention is the first thing you need to win before their desire to buy.

Do you need good copy and user experience on your website? Of course. But an effective logo can play a fundamental part in getting people to care about your company in the first place.

More broadly, it’s important to note that your consumer has never had more power than they do right now. The internet has given them a world of choice. With that choice comes numerous competitors selling something almost the exact same as your own offer.

But with an effective logo? You are set apart in your potential customers mind, and they are more likely to think of you when they are ready to purchase.

What Are Some Features of Effective Logos?

Now that we understand why a good logo is so important for your business, let’s quickly cover what one actually looks like.

While you are about to see 10 logos that are different in their own ways, there are definitely certain features they all share. Let’s go over three of them.

1) Simple.

You don’t want too much going on with your logo. This distracts from the rest of your image and, according to studies, can make your business appear less trustworthy.

We all know how spammy websites with a million details can look. You don’t want the same fate for your logo!

2) Creative.

This is a tricky one because creativity can often be quite subjective. What’s a brilliant and original idea for somebody may very well appear tacky to another. 

That said, the most effective logos are often the least boring ones. Not simply the company name written out…but something interesting to look at.

Not sure what this means? Check out this post for some ideas.

3) Attention-grabbing.

This can be anything from bright colors to a clean design. If you want to get this right, it pays to learn about what people on the internet find the most appealing.

Like I said before, the most clever logo in the world doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t grab somebody’s attention. The trick here, of course, is to balance a compelling logo with simplicity.

For more information about what you should be aiming for, check out our post on creating a good logo.

9 of the Most Effective Logos

Time to see these principles in action with 10 of the most effective logos in business.

Of course, to get the most value out of this exercise, think about your own reactions. Do you like these logos? Why or why not? What would you do differently?

And most importantly – how can you apply some of these common themes to your own logo?


McDonald’s logo is often affectionately called the “golden arches.” Not only because that’s exactly what it looks like, but also because the restaurant has some of the best customer loyalty in the world. 

This logo is bold, bright and unmistakable.


Ever wondered why the arrow in the Amazon logo points from the A to the Z? Simple: it sells everything “from A to Z.”

Amazon is one of the most profitable companies in the world, and it’s logo is simply the name of the company along with an arrow. You don’t have to be fancy to be profitable!


Remember how I said that an effective logo should be simple? 

Apple is a great example of that. Not only because it’s one of the simplest logos you will find, but also because it deliberately moved away from it’s very first (overly complicated and detailed) iteration.


In contrast to the simplicity of the Apple logo, Starbucks is (relatively) complicated. Still, it does a good job of using sharp and memorable colors.

This is a good lesson to learn: just because your logo has a lot of detail, doesn’t mean it can’t be clean and crisp. 


When you think of a target, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Odds are it looks quite similar to Target’s logo. This is great messaging. 

In addition, Target’s logo is not only simple with its color scheme, but presents that simplicity boldly and brightly. In fact, it’s hard to miss a Target store even from a mile away!


The “swoosh” of Nike calls to mind movement and speed. Quite appropriate for one of the world’s leaders in athletic apparel.

The ultra-simplicity of Nike’s color scheme (only one color) also pairs well with the effective advertising copy that often accompanies it. Think of “Just Do It.” This wouldn’t be nearly as effective with an overly-designed logo. 


Just like Target, CocaCola’s color contrast of red and white is instantly memorable. 

Something the company also does quite often is include a bottle of coke between the two words of the company. This is unique in that it directly shows the product it is most known for. Nothing wrong with a lottle creative variety.


If you’re looking for a shining example of simplicity paired with sharp colors, Google is it. In fact, Google’s logo hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. They found something that worked, and stuck with it. A good lesson in consistency! 

Plus, Google is instantly recognizable with its choice of colors. Not only are they bright and noticeable, but Google’s specific choice in colors make you feel positive.

Lúgh Studio

Hey, why not? Our own logo is the one we most intimately know, and there’s a reason behind what we’ve chosen to go with. 

Green and white are “cool” colors proven to put people at ease. This makes it easy to welcome them to our website and stay awhile!

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