Website Color Scheme: Why It’s Important + Two Options

Your website color scheme is essential to your business’s online success.

It shapes peoples’ perception of your company, and even has the power to bring more traffic to your website.

But which website color schemes are the most effective?

Let’s check them out.

Why Is The Color Scheme Of Your Website So Important?

Before we give you three options for color schemes, let’s cover with more detail why they are so important.

  1. Stir your website visitors’ emotions. Certain colors inspire more emotions than others, which creates a more passionate connection to your business. This subconsciously influences your visitors to identify your business with positive emotions.
  2. Improve your call-to-actions. Clear and bright colors more quickly gain the trust of website visitors, which makes it more likely they will click on the buttons you want them to. This can include everything from email signups to product purchases.
  3. Improve the user experience. An effective color scheme makes it more enjoyable to surf your website, which overtime can also drive more traffic to your site.

Interested in discovering more positive benefits to a good color scheme?

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Two Options For Your Website Color Scheme

1) Simple.

A simple color scheme typically combines only two colors. It is simple and clean and creates a user experience that is calm and comforting. 

An example is Facebook. There are only two colors, but Facebook has become known (and loved) for the simplicity.

2) Cool.

A cool color scheme combines two or more colors, typically with shades of green and blue. This color scheme can inspire website visitors and get them excited to take action.

An example is our own website at Lugh Studio!

Whatever your business goals, the correct website color scheme can help. And if you are looking for a more detailed explanation of which color schemes perform best for individual goals?

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