6 Digital Design Blogs You Should Follow

If you want to be a better designer, it’s important to always be learning. Where the information comes from isn’t as important as ensuring that the information you do consume is high quality.

That’s why digital design blogs are so great. They offer a wonderful chance for you to educate yourself on the most important trends in digital design, teach you new skills, and can even inspire you to try out different things.

With that in mind, today we are presenting some of the best blog to learn about digital design. 10, to be exact. 

So sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and dig in!

Six Digital Design Blogs You Should Follow

1) Adobe Create Magazine

Billed as “Adobe’s magazine by creatives, for creatives,” this blog is an excellent place to start learning about digital design. That’s because the website features a wide array of different industries where design plays a role: photography, video, and illustration, for example. This makes Adobe Creative Design a great source for inspiration.

This blog also has a ton of “How To” videos. This ensures that you’re not only getting a healthy dose of ideas to apply to your own work, but learning new skills in the process as well.

2) One Extra Pixel

This blog is a great resource for easy-to-consume lists. This includes everything from the best business cards and fonts to web page templates and inspirational posts. Each list will usually have a link as well, making it easy to head over to other tools if you want to try them out. 

If you are looking for an easy way to collect the “best of” in the design world, One Extra Pixel might just be the blog for you. It’s also a great fit for freelancers that have to do a multitude of different tasks (and use different tools) daily.

3) Typeroom

As we pointed out in our ultimate guide to a brand style guide, typography has a lot of power over how your brand is perceived. That’s why the Typeroom blog is so useful: it shows you a ton of examples of creative typographies. 

Specifically, Typeroom describes itself as “an informative online platform that showcases outstanding typographic work and designs.” Looking for different styles to showcase in your own work? Want to spice up the copy style on your website? Simply looking for ideas with anything related to typography? Give Typeroom a look! 

4) Smash Magazine

A great blog that features articles on a wide range of topics, including design, UX, usability and more. Looking for one of the net’s best sources of quality digital design information? This blog is a great option.

However, Smash Magazine also offers content on so many more topics related to digital marketing. This includes SEO, content marketing and mobile usability. This can be quite useful for staying on top of trends. It’s also great educating yourself about topics that you might typically think don’t “apply” to you.

As an added bonus, the blog also features a job board. So if you’re looking for a new career path, look no further! 

5) Abduzeedo

This is a blog based on visuals, and for good reason: it features daily inspiration and trends from designers around the world. What sets Abduzeedo apart is that it acts as an open channel or forum. This leads to a ton of feedback, enabling people who submit their designs to collect valuable opinions before iterating.

If you work especially with 3D, this is the place to be, as that is the focus of a lot of the blog’s content. In addition, the blog offers quite a few tutorials and guides on using the industry’s most popular tools. This makes it a great resource for information if you are trying to step up your game. 

6) Identity Designed

This is one of the digital design blogs that focuses on branding design, as well as the decisions and thought process that went into creating them. This is done by offering the insight of the designers that worked on individual branding projects.

If you are somebody that not only wants inspiration with your design, but you want the inside scoop of how professional designers created theirs, Identity Designed is an excellent blog to follow. It’s also simply an interesting resource, regardless of the industry you are in. With its focus on stunning visuals from campaigns around the world, it’s sure to give you some ideas.

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