Best Lead Magnet Ideas: Part 2

A few days ago we covered five of the best lead magnet ideas to catapult your lead generation.

In lead magnet ideas part 2, we’ve got five more.

Let’s dive in.

Lead Magnet Ideas: 6 – 10

1) E-book

An e-book is perhaps the quintessential lead magnet. That’s because it’s a professional way to showcase your expertise, and to package it into a professionally done e-book.

Plus, there is something psychologically pleasing about downloading an e-book. It’s a way for your leads to feel like they are making progress on whatever goal you are helping them achieve.

2) Webinar

While webinars can be a lot of work to set up, they are definitely worth it. The conversion rate of a webinar tends to be higher than a less interactive lead magnet.

It’s also a great way for you to connect to your audience and put a face to your company. Check out these best webinar practices if you are considering this lead magnet.

3) Resource library

Why stop at just one source of information? Why not give your audiences access to everything they need?

While a resource library can take a while to compile, it gives your leads a ton of value and positions your company as an expert. These are two factors that greatly increase the odds of a lead becoming a paying customer.

Head over to Hubspot for a good example of a resource library used as a lead magnet.

4) Quiz

Everybody loves a good quiz. They appeal to our natural curiosity and promise to teach us something new. That’s why they function so well as lead magnets.

Your website’s quiz can be as serious or funny as you want. Just remember to use what you learn about your leads from their answers in future marketing.

5) Free call

Our last lead magnet idea involves a phone chat with an interested lead.

While this is perhaps the least scalable lead magnet we have covered (after all, you can’t talk on the phone with 50 people at the same time), it can work wonders. That’s because of how personal a call is. It’s a chance for you to help out your lead, and a chance for them to see how your paid services might get them the result they are looking for.

Whichever of our ten lead magnets you choose to use, remember this: it’s all about providing value. Give value to your leads over time, and a pipeline of new customers is yours for the taking.

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