Lead Generation in 2022

Lead generation is vital to your organization. This is true whether you are a for-profit company or operate in the non-profit sector like many of our clients.

The fact is, regardless of your end goal (customer or donation), lead generation is often where you start the entire process.

So what should you expect from lead generation in 2022? Let’s dive in and find out.

Why is Lead Generation in 2022 Different?

In many ways, lead generation in 2022 will likely be a continuation of some of the trends we have seen the last four or five years. Consumers will continue to have more choice than ever before. As smart phones get placed in more and more hands around the world and online shopping continues its rise, consumers will only gain power.

The world is wide open, and your direct competitors have never been so easy to access. This means social proof is more important than ever.
With an abundance of choices, people simply won’t buy unless there is substantial social proof attached to your offer. This can be anything from an online review to a video testimonial placed on your sales page. Regardless of what you use…be sure to use something.

One reason lead generation in 2022 might look different is due to Google algorithm changes. This is especially important if you rely on organic reach for most of your content. SEO can (and should) be a serious strategy for most businesses, but it’s essential to get the basics right.

And ignoring updates to search giant Google will only harm your content’s reach. For our own advice on utilizing SEO most effectively, check out our ultimate guide to SEO.

If you want more background on lead generation trends, give this authoritative guide a read. In it you will get necessary background you need to reach more potential donors (and customers) then ever before.

3 Tactics for Lead Generation in 2022

Let’s now move to specific tactics. Regardless of your organization’s goal, these three tactics will help you approach lead generation in 2022 more strategically.

Create more targeted lead magnets

People are increasingly less interested in joining your email list without getting an immediate benefit. That’s why lead magnets are important. They provide immediate value to people that have discovered and are a great chance to demonstrate your expertise. However, lead generation in 2022 requires a more effective approach.

Many companies use lead magnets. Where you differentiate yourself is how you actually use lead magnets. Specifically, by stepping away from “general” lead magnets that might appeal to anybody, and instead putting lead magnets that are hyper targeted to the page they are on, you set yourself up for more successful lead generation in 2022.

Let’s look at an example. If you have a weight loss website, you might have numerous blog posts about both diet information and exercise tips. On your diet posts, your lead magnet could be an e-book about your best weight loss recipes. On your exercise posts, meanwhile, your lead magnet might be a checklist of the most effective workouts to raise your metabolism. Because these lead magnets likely appeal more specifically to the people reading both types of blog posts, they will often be more effective in generating leads.

This approach to lead magnets admittedly requires extra work. Still, it’s worth it for the extra leads you will generate.

Inbound marketing through content creation

Outbound continues to see worse results than inbound. This is something about lead generation in 2022 that will remain the same.
And there’s no surprise there. With more options for content consumption than ever before, and search engines that are getting increasingly sophisticated in showing you exactly what you’re searching for, you often get exactly what you need with a quick Google search.

Just think of your own online habits. How often do you click on a Google ad? For most people, the answer is “hardly ever.” It’s simply a natural habit that most people trust organic results more than paid.

This presents a large opportunity for companies that are willing to take the time to build up a content strategy. With the combination of SEO and effective promotion, content can very well become the backbone of your lead generation in 2022. Check out our ultimate guide to content marketing for more tips.

Think about influencer marketing

We have written before about how effective social media marketing can be. It spreads your message to a larger audience and is a wonderful way to share informative content that warms up your leads. This brings more leads to your zone of influence and allows you to actively shape their perception of your organization. Still, if you are looking to expand, influencer marketing might be the solution.

That’s because by working with influencers, you are working with an audience that already exists. You don’t need to do the ground work of building one and can instead focus on providing value to your partner’s.

The way this actually happens can vary. Gone are the days of “Instagram influencers” being your only option. Influencer marketing can take many forms and plays a part in just about any industry. Think instead in terms of collaboration. Which of your products or services can benefit your partner’s audience, and what does your partner have to receive to make it worth their time?

Check out this guide for a solid background in everything you need to know about the process.

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