Exit Rate: What It Is And How to Improve It

Your exit rate is the percentage of people who land on a specific page on your website and leave without pursuing more pages.

But why does this matter? Today we give you a useful explanation for why your exit rate is important, as well as ways to fix it.

Why Is Exit Rate Important

A high exit rate means people are landing your page but not continuing deeper into your website.

This is important because it indicates either a website that is not very user friendly, or site pages that aren’t of high enough value for your visitor to stay. 

This directly results in less leads and paying customers for your business.

Tips For Reducing Your Exit Rate

Let’s go over three important tips for getting people to visit multiple pages on your website.

Implement these and you will gradually start to see your exit rate lower.

1) Make your content as valuable as possible.

The main reason a lot of people land on your website is your content.

The more value you provide in your content, the more your site visitors will come to see you as a trusted resource to solve their problem. This will certainly make them stay longer than content that is either unengaging or useless.

Check out our ultimate guide to content marketing for more tips here.

2) Master the art of the link.

One way to lower a page’s exit rate is to make it easier to go somewhere else.

This could either be internal links to other posts within your blog posts, or a sidebar that has links to your best performing content.

Regardless, you want to suck your reader in. The only way to do that is by clearly showing them something else they might enjoy. 

3) Create compelling calls to action.

While this is an entire blog post by itself, it’s essential in decreasing a page’s exit rate. That’s because a good call to action gives your site visitor a very easy “next step to take.”

Your site visitors want to be told what to do. Read our take on a good homepage for more background on this.

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