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The 10 Best Ways To Use AI At Your Nonprofit

As we argue in our ultimate guide to AI, artificial intelligence is here to stay. It’s a powerful technology that you can use to expedite results, and in many ways can be the catalyst to more creative ways of working. But what are the best ways to use AI at your nonprofit?

Sure, we’ve all heard that AI can save time, improve efficiency, and drive better outcomes. But how exactly do you implement it’s power most effectively?

Read on to find out.

The 10 Best Ways To Use AI At Your Nonprofit

1) Chatbots for Donor Support

Chatbots have many benefits for a nonprofit. They can answer frequently asked questions, offer donation assistance, and provide real-time engagement. Pair them with AI and the results are even better.

The way AI chatbots interact with your site visitors is sophisticated and customized based on previous interactions. This can enhance donor satisfaction and streamline communication. Of course, be sure to place them where they will be most effective. This might include your website and social media channels, for example.

2) Predictive Analytics

AI makes it easier to put data at the heart of everything you do. This is good news. By analyzing past donor actions, AI can do a number of things for your nonprofit. This includes identifying potential high-value donors, predicting churn rates, and helping your nonprofit strategize for donor retention and acquisition.

Overall, these predictive analytics makes it easier to forecast donor behavior and preferences. Your campaigns are therefore directed to the people most likely to donate.

3) Natural Language Processing

What if you could easily gauge donor sentiment? What if you had quick and easy access to public perception and sentiment towards your organization? With Natural Language Processing (NLP), made possible by AI, you do. 

Just one example comes from social media marketing. NLP algorithms can analyze social media mentions and craft an accurate narrative about what people actually think of your organization. Addressing concerns and feedback from your audience has never been easier!

4) Content Personalization

As we have said before, content marketing is useful for any organization. It’s how you position your nonprofit as a source to be trusted and educate new people. It’s also a great way to keep your organization “top of mind” when somebody is looking to donate.

As for the best kind of content? The one that is customized to the person viewing it. AI-based personalization can tailor your website and email content baked on your users’ behavior and overall preferences. This results in increased engagement and repeat visits to your website.

5) Automated Donor Segmentation

Segmentation is the name of the game if you are trying to be more effective in your touchpoints with your audience. Think about it. The best way to get people inspired to donate, or interact with your organization’s content, or consume your emails? By speaking directly to them about something they genuinely care about.  

And the quickest way to do this? By implementing automatic advanced segmentation.

Set up the right AI tools, and you will be able to group donors based on various attributes. These include data points such as donation history, interests, or demographics. This segmentation allows your nonprofit to send targeted messages that resonate with each donor segment, and drive more success across all your activities.

6) Enhanced Fundraising Campaigns

If you want to run effective nonprofit fundraisers, there are a number of things you have to do. This includes everything from email marketing to fundraiser ad creation. There are numerous moving parts to a successful fundraiser. Plus, the larger your fundraiser is, the more complicated it’s liable to become. 

If you aren’t careful, your team can start to feel overwhelmed. Or even worse? Things that have the ability to move the needle on your campaigns slip through the crack or are simply forgotten.

That’s why it’s worth considering implementing AI tools for your various activities. They can help you with everything from dynamic content for different audiences, to automated donor outreach. Be sure to read up on the best AI tools for fundraising if you’re serious about better results.

7) Grant Research and Writing

A large part of increasing your overall donations at your nonprofit involves grants. This not only involves the way you write them. In addition, you also need to know where to devote your efforts to the opportunities most likely to secure more funding. This is more likely to result in long term success.

Grants present one of the best ways to use AI at your nonprofit. AI tools can easily streamline the grant research process. They do this by analyzing past successful applications to provide guidance for grant writing. The result? More funds for your nonprofit from organizations that are most likely to be repeat donors.

8) Virtual Assistants

The benefit of virtual assistants LINK has become apparent in recent years. Both nonprofits and private sector businesses can experience many positives from their help. Here are just a few things they can be tasked with:

  • Sending personalized follow-up messages
  • Setting up event reminders
  • Following up with donation acknowledgments

The result? Increased productivity, better donor communication, and a ton of time saved for you and your team.But what if you didn’t have to budget for that expense? What if you could get the full effect of a virtual assistant at your organization…but didn’t have to pay them?

With AI virtual assistants, you can. Research a few options, and once you have, start to reflect on the places you would most benefit from an AI virtual assistant. 

9) Social Media Management

Effective social media marketing can have a huge impact for just about any organization. It’s where much of your potential audience spends time, and presents a wonderful way for you to spread word of your work. It also works great in conjunction with both content marketing and lead generation.

But how do you ensure your social media strategy is optimized for effectiveness? AI can help. There are numerous AI-driven social media tools that not only optimize your social media strategy, but make it easy to deep dive on social media analytics.

 AI can identify relevant content, schedule posts at optimal times, and analyze engagement metrics, enabling your nonprofit to build a strong online community.

10) Impact Measurement

Every nonprofit wants to know how much of an impact they are actually having. How many people are you reaching? How many donations are you driving? Can you measure how many people are you helping? Utilize AI to measure and communicate your nonprofit’s impact. AI algorithms can collect and analyze data from various sources, allowing your organization to demonstrate the tangible outcomes of your programs to donors and stakeholders.

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