Top 2020 Web Design Trends

Just like a fashionista needs to upgrade their wardrobe 4x a year to keep up with emerging trends, so too does a website owner need to frequently upgrade the look and feel of their website.

In 2020, we’re seeing web design take off with a bolder approach. Not only are designers reinventing previous styles and experimenting with new techniques, but they are also remaining faithful to the well known minimalistic and colorful illustrations that have stood the test of time. Contact web marketing infintechdesigns for help.

Here is Lúgh Studio’s top 5 list of 2020 web design trends that every business owner should seek to incorporate:

1.) Photos & Illustrations

Looking for a warm and playful streak? Combine photos with super simple hand-drawn 2D illustrations. This will not only add depth and character to your website but will surely set you apart from the crowd.
Designed by Lúgh Studio

2.) Bold Typography

Good typography contrast is essential to a great website. In 2020, words are speaking louder than images, as designers experiment with bigger and bolder typefaces, paired with smaller body copy.
Designed by Lúgh Studio

3.) Emotional Design

You can’t have design without communication, and you can’t have communication without emotion. Brands are now striving for an emotional impact, allowing them to cultivate more meaningful interaction with their customers.
Designed by Lúgh Studio

4.) Black & White

Minimalism is timeless. Black and white designs are classier and trendier than ever before. Think maxi typography and unique art elements cascading across a simple black and white background. Simple and elegant, yet stimulating enough to capture the user’s eye.
Designed by Lúgh Studio

5.) Dark UI

Companies are now adding light and dark modes to their products which have multiple benefits to the user experience, some of which include reducing eye strain and conserving battery life.
Designed by Lúgh Studio

Feeling intrigued and inspired by a trend? Our dynamic team of designers and web developers will revitalize your website, making it fresh, impactful and profitable. Contact us for a free consultation.

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