Summer Art: The Lúgh Studio Roundup

Summer Art: The Lúgh Studio Roundup

As the summer of 2023 draws to a close, we are reminded of the power of art. Summer is not only a time for self-care and basking in the sun’s glow… but an opportune moment to immerse ourselves in the dynamic world of art and its impact.

With this in mind, we present to you our roundup of summer art. This roundup includes several organizations, events, and exhibits that are worth diving into. Regardless of your take on art or your own personal taste, one thing can’t be disputed – art can be a powerful force for good!

Summer Art: The Lúgh Studio Roundup

1) Community Canvas

This is an art organization that believes in the power of collective creativity. Through mural projects in underserved communities, Community Canvas tries to create vibrant spaces that reflect the identity and aspirations of local residents. 

The results can be amazing. Indeed, one of Community Canvas’s main goals is to use art as a catalyst for change. Here are just a few examples of the projects Community Canvas has been responsible for:

  • Together Institute: How to build communities that are both thriving and inclusive? This is the central question of this project. 
  • Close Knit: How to make the process of community-building less complex? Close Knit strives to provide the resources needed to answer this central challenge.

Community Canvas, meanwhile, bring together artists and community members to co-create meaningful public art, fostering a sense of ownership and unity.

2) Art4Healing

Have you ever been curious about the therapeutic potential of art? Or how exactly art can help people heal from past traumas? If so, the organization Art4Healing is one you’ll want to keep on your radar.

With a focus on vulnerable populations (survivors of trauma or individuals experiencing mental health challenges), Art4Healing uses artistic expression as a tool for healing and self-discovery. And it makes sense. Art therapy workshops provide a safe space for participants to channel their emotions and stories into transformative artworks.

Plus, no need to attend a workshop in person. The organization also allows you to take a pre-recorded workshop from wherever you are! 

3) AllInOne Collective

While art collectives will always look slightly different from one another, they often share a common cause: giving artists a platform and support system to display their work.

AllInOne Collective is one such organization. Based out of Brooklyn, the organization aims to display the creative works of painters, writers, poets, and other creatives. As cofounder Audrey Banks, there is power in having artists from different disciplines living under the same roof. Because AllInOne Collective gives them a place to live, the artists naturally have “more influence on the rest of the city.” 

A good sign for the future of art in Brooklyn! The people at AllInOne Collective also have an interesting secondary goal: creating co-working and living spaces in historic properties.  

4) The Armory Show

As one of New York City’s premier art fairs, the Armory Show is a showcase of contemporary art. Held annually, the fair showcases a diverse collection of artworks from galleries around the globe, ranging from emerging talents to established artists. 

With a rich history dating back to 1913, The Armory Show continues to serve as a critical platform for art appreciation. The show does a great job of bringing together different kinds of art, spanning various mediums, styles, and artistic perspectives. This has far-reaching effects. Indeed, The Armory Show is considered one of the best sources for intercultural exchange, as well as displaying the power of storytelling in bringing art to the masses.

While this is a more well-known event, the Armory’s impact on New York can’t be disputed. The fair’s annual gathering not only draws art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world, but is also a stimulus to the local economy. As collectors, gallerists, artists, and visitors converge in the heart of the city, the event bolsters tourism, hospitality, and various creative industries. 

5) CITYarts

Since 1968, CITYarts has looked to engage young people with creative pursuits, giving them the chance to team up with professional artists to create murals, mosaics, and other public art projects around the world—in 65 countries on six continents, to be exact.

Here are just three events of theirs that have taken place this summer:

  • Always in Bloom
  • Our Voices 
  • Pieces for Peace Exhibition

These events all not only give young people a chance to find their place through art, but brings their work to the public eye. If art is great at one thing, it’s inspiring people, old and young alike. CITYarts is a great reminder of this.

6) The Intuitive Writing Project

Looking for an organization that makes you fully appreciate the power of art in the hands of youth? The Intuitive Writing Project is a great place to start.

The goal of this organization? To support young women in finding their voice, owning their strength and speaking up as leaders, world-builders and change-makers. Quite the ambitious goal!

We like The Intuitive Writing Project not just for this worthy goal, but because they believe in the power of storytelling. They do this through a variety of workshops that not only teach young women how to write effectively for an audience, but how to embrace their own story as well. 

Looking to get inspired? Check it out!

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