Savio – Winner of the 2017 InfoCommerce Model of Excellence

Congratulations to our client Savio, a talent marketplace for the marketing research industry, who recently won the InfoCommerce Model of Excellence award!

The Infocommerce Model of Excellence program was created back in 2003 to recognize innovative data products. The purpose of the program is to highlight fresh ideas and approaches that can be applied across various market verticals–and Savio was one of the three honorees to be awarded in 2017!

In their winner announcement, InfoCommerce stated the following about Savio:

“Savio has developed a talent marketplace for the marketing research industry. Talent marketplaces aren’t a new concept. Indeed, it can be argued that they helped jumpstart the growth of the gig economy. Savio has bigger ambitions, however, seeking to tap into the growing shift to automated vendor discovery and procurement, as well as to start to evolve its existing online buying guide product to a truly transactional meeting place for buyers and sellers. It’s almost inevitable that all buying guides will have to move in this direction. Savio is blazing the way.”

So what role did Lúgh play in all of this? Well, not to toot our own horn, BUT…we are responsible for the name development, logo conception and expanding identity of this award-winning marketplace (click here to find out more). Pretty cool–and we can do the same for you! Who knows, maybe we’ll help your company win an award one day too.

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