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A Legacy of PRIDE

22 years ago when my partner and I started Lúgh Studio it was at the height of the AIDS crisis. We had lost many of our brothers and many more were ill and little was being done about it. We decided then to include the rainbow in our logo.

At that time, few people outside of the gay community even knew what the rainbow represented. In fact, including it was a bit subversive as the concept of “diversity” would not become popular for more click over here now for many years to come. Basically, if you knew what you were looking at, you knew what we were saying. It was a sort of secret society.

Fast forward to today.

Personally, I’m grateful to have witnessed one of the fastest transformations in society regarding acceptance. There is still a looooooong way to go for sure. You can still be fired in the United States just for being LGBTQ. Being gay can get you beheaded in Saudi Arabia, stoned to death in Pakistan, and hung in Iran. So the fight is far from over.

Our current logo, while not having the rainbow colors, is based on the deconstruction of a rainbow. It’s a nod to both our LGBTQ roots and to the Irish myth of there being a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

So, it’s with both pride and hope for a brighter future for humanity that we wave our rainbow version of our current logo.

Happy Pride,

CEO and Co-Founder of Lúgh Studio

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