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It starts with an award-winning website

Today, when you need to reach everybody you can, you make a great website. ICTMN’s is updated around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by a talented team of editors. This extensive site covers all things political, environmental, business, sports, powwow, and arts & entertainment for Indian Country spanning both the United States and Canada.

ICTMN’s perspective is not necessarily what you will see on CNN, ABC, CBC, NBC, CBS or FOX. Taking 7 generations into consideration often creates a very different perspective — a unique perspective that you’ll definitely want to check out.


It also helps to have a magazine

Before the magazine was two years old, the White House requested to submit an editorial from President Obama. He was not alone. Many national politicians have requested their opportunity to speak to Indian Country, and they chose the magazine This Week From Indian Country Today to do so. Now you can read it digitally every week at no charge.

Genesis of the logo

Of course there are hundreds of nations umbrellaed as “Native American” in Indian Country and finding one symbol that would be acceptable was the big challenge. The nations of the Northeast have dramatically different art than the Southwest or Northwest. By using a classic motif we created a symbol that could conceivably predate all the different styles.

The turtle has a significant place deep in the heart of most if not all Native American cultures. Throughout history, the turtle has been regarded as mystical, sacred and is a symbol of longevity and truth—particularly important to a media network.

The logo is a conglomeration of many symbols:

  • The Four Directions, North, South, East, and West
  • The colors of the Four Directions
  • A Dreamcatcher
  • ICT, the original publication from which ICTMN evolved
  • The Turtle

Together they form the logo brand for Indian Country Today Media Network.

We are honored to have designed the logo for such an important undertaking — giving voice to Native America

— Lúgh Studio

Lúgh Studio has designed well over 100 covers for This Week In Indian Country Today

ICTMN has truly become the leading voice for Native Americans.