Fundraise Up: A Powerful, Donor-Centric Tool for Nonprofits

The vast majority of nonprofits have overly complicated donation processes. As a result, only 1 out of 7 people on average end up completing their online donations. That’s a lot of potential revenue lost for some really great causes.

Having an efficient donation tool is essential for nonprofits to reach their goals. To that end, Lúgh Studio has partnered with Fundraise Up to build a donation widget specifically designed to increase revenue by designing a great donor experience.

Unlike their competitors who are organization-centric, Fundraise Up focuses on the donor, rewarding them for their philanthropy with a streamlined donation process.

Let us walk you through the design and implementation:

Removing donor friction
The widget is automatically refined and iterated to optimize individual donors’ experiences. Donations go through instantly with no third party redirection.

Desktop and mobile optimization
Apple, Google, and Amazon have all set the bar for mobile optimization, which is why we’ve made it possible to donate in just three clicks. Fundraise Up delivers an optimal performance on all tablets and mobile phones, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Machine learning increases your donor conversion rate
We study user behavior, employing artificial intelligence and leveraging gamification to increase donations by multiples. Continuous A/B tests and research boost donor conversion rates even further as every little tweak matters.

Our donor-centric analytics system is able to auto-suggest specific amounts that an individual will most likely be comfortable giving based on that donor’s profile. Profile data includes the kind of device they are using, zip code, previous donation patterns, time of year, and more.

Fundraise Up operates under the philosophy that a great donor experience equals more revenue for you. Interested? You should be! Download this Fundraise Up brochure to learn more.

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