Digital Marketing Strategy Series: Social Media

In the last post, we talked about how important it is to have an updated website so that potential donors have the best experience possible and generate more donations for your organization. Next up, we will talk about how to successfully integrate social media. 

If you ever thought that social media marketing might not be the right path for your nonprofit, we would encourage you to think again. Once you know how to leverage social media to work in your favor, it will become an integral tool in your marketing belt. 

Why is social media more important now than it ever was before?

  1. More people are home often and out less.
  2. People are seeking the social interaction they have been lacking.
  3. Online purchasing/donating has surpassed in-person instances.
  4. People want to use their own voice and presence to influence others.

An easy place to start is giving your social media accounts a little face-lift. Clean up any of your organization’s pages and connection bases. Refresh outdated content such as nonprofit information, images, videos, and testimonials. Lastly, make sure your social media accounts are branded properly and link any visitors back to your website’s donation page. 

With social media, it is so important to constantly keep content updated and relevant. Create new content based on your organization’s current situation, next strategic move, or the impact your nonprofit makes on society. Listen to your audience and try to create content based on the current demand. 

Most importantly, let your audience know you are active and thriving. Ensure you are maintaining the relationships with your donors by consistently communicating with them. 
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